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Want to know what London will be like in 20 years? Go to Singapore

The hyper-corporate Asian powerhouse has drawn a very thick line between its large pool of wealthy citizens and the even larger pool of workers -- mostly immigrants with fewer rights -- who help make that wealth possible.


Singapore’s hotel industry continues to grow despite floundering economy

Singapore has positioned itself as a leisure destination and business hub for Southeast Asia and is reaping the benefits of location and utility that will continue to make the country's hoteliers very wealthy.

Singapore’s hotel industry continues to grow despite floundering economy


Commuters beat tourists as Singapore Ducktours pushed off the river by a price cap

Ducktours' dilemma demonstrates the constant tug and pull between tourists and local commuters. Of course the tourist boats would like to charge S$18, but the S$3 commuter vessels will attract enough visitors to chip away at the tourist business.


The world’s 10 best destinations for street food

From Mexican churros to Moroccan kebabs, these descriptions of street-side snacks will make even the most swanky /snobbiest traveler's mouth water.


Singapore’s Changi wondering how many terminals it should add to stay on top of its game

This being Changi, any discussion of terminals also needs to include speculation about whether this also means an IMAX movie theater, an indoor pool, a golf course, or something even cooler.


Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines team up for round-the-world fares

The RTW fares are a good way for the two airlines to demonstrate their reach and flexibility as regional upstarts threaten to siphon away business.