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Asian Tourism Investment Looks Promising Through 2026, But Challenges Loom

As the world's fastest-growing region for tourism it's a good sign that some Asian countries can expect to see healthy travel and tourism investment during the next 10 years. But a number of factors could alter these projections, particularly the Chinese market, as more global tourism trends are tested in this region.

6 days ago

Singapore Tycoon Wants Chinese Travelers to Visit Mega-Yacht Marinas

Singapore, quietly, is one of Asia's top cruise ports. Giving tourists something else to do when embarking a cruise or visiting Singapore is a shrewd idea.

2 weeks ago

Singapore Tries to Compete for Chinese Tourists With Shopping-Themed Week

Tourism boards for numerous countries are wooing Chinese tourists. The challenge is how do countries differentiate themselves on a long-term basis.

4 weeks ago

Singapore Has Lots of Tourists, But They’re the Wrong Kind

When your customer demo changes, there are often challenges. Singapore needs to be able to manage shifts if it wants to succeed long term.

2 months ago

Singapore Travel Warnings in Place as City-State Deals With 151 Zika Cases

Singapore is one of Asia and the world's largest travel hubs and the spike in zika cases will surely have a negative impact on tourism and the local economy in the near-term.

2 months ago

Experts Analyzed Travel Patterns to Predict Zika’s Next Landing Spots

As Zika outbreaks hit parts of Florida and Singapore, experts are predicting that the next stops could be China, India and Nigeria. These are just predictions, though, because Zika has been around for decades and populations may have already developed immunity to the disease.

2 months ago

Indonesia’s Worries About Zika Turn Into Screenings for Singapore Passengers

Zika's potential to have a wide-spread, decades-long impact separates it from other recent global health scares ranging from avian flu to even Ebola. It's up to governments to quickly and wisely respond to threats to prevent large outbreaks.

2 months ago

Airlines See Pajama Styles as Competitive Advantage for Premium Passengers

Airline competition is evolving from lounges to loungewear in the front of the plane. Hey, if they have lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, then frequent flyers might as well walk the aisles and sleep in style.

3 months ago

A High-Speed Train Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Could Soon Be a Reality

A bullet train traveling between both countries would be a boon not only for tourism, but also for business. Having seen the positive impact high-speed trains have on tourism and economies in Asia, it makes us wonder why bullet trains haven't yet made their way to the Americas?

3 months ago

Singapore Airlines to Fly San Francisco-Singapore Nonstop to Compete With United

Singapore Airlines will defend its home turf against United Airlines by launching new non-stops between Singapore and San Francisco. The airline does not have the perfect aircraft, but it will make due for a couple of years until a better plane arrives.

4 months ago

Singapore’s Casino Tourism Is Improving a Sluggish Economy

Even though Singapore's casinos had a difficult year, tourism still saw an small uptick. Analysts expect to see stronger visitor growth this year.

6 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Shifting the Destination Brand Story at Singapore Tourism

Singapore is developing more strategic storytelling, more digital content, and more experiential marketing campaigns to show that the city-state has a dynamic and creative personality.

6 months ago