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Priceline.com CEO on the Death of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization had a great run but we are way past it now. Instead the top dogs in digital marketing are Google itself and the largest and most skilled players that can pay for those clicks and convert the hell out of them.

12 months ago


How Hotels Use and Understand Their Guest Data

Big data is driving opportunities to create loyalty and conversions for the hospitality industry, but it’s also posing challenges. The key to leveraging the power of customer information is to bring these datasets together. This report examines how to do that, and the value that can be extracted from big data once integration is underway. Download this report for FREE!

1 year ago


Hotel Vs. Brand Websites: SEO Friends or Foes?

With the rising demand from today’s travelers for unique experiences, hotel brands are investing heavily in custom content for their individual properties online. Rather than competing for search ranking, hotels and brands now need to figure out how to work together in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

1 year ago

Destinations Just Trying to Make Google Happy Are Missing the Bigger Picture

The travel industry is beholden to Google for its SEO, targeted ads, keywords . . . and Google has figured out a way to drum up more business by getting everyone to play their game more rigorously. Dr Seuss, as always, provides a healthy dose of perspective.

2 years ago

The Multi-Country Sites Strategy For Online Travel Brands: A Deep Dive

When launching a new country site, companies have to consider the signals they are sending at the local level versus resource allocation.

3 years ago

Expedia Can’t Expect Google’s Immediate Forgiveness in Paid Links Escapade

Expedia has long argued that Google wields inordinate power, and now it is feeling Google's wrath. There will be a financial impact, and perhaps a bit of a brand hit, but this injury is far from fatal.

3 years ago

Did Google Spank Expedia For Operating A Paid Links Scheme With Bloggers?

These are explosive allegations that Expedia is involved in a paid links scheme with travel bloggers and that frenemy Google retaliated. Stay tuned for more fireworks.

3 years ago