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Travel on Tap: The Rise of Craft Beer Tourism

Craft Beer is big business in America with a proven ability engage a new travel consumer who will spend added dollars to visit local neighborhoods and beer-themed events.

3 months ago

San Diego’s New Airport Crosses the Border Into Tijuana, Mexico

This is such a wonderful idea that it could only have come about partially as an accident. Which is precisely how it happened.

11 months ago

The Better Border Boosting Tourism Between San Diego and Tijuana

Anybody who's spent time between these two major cities can see the benefits of a well-managed border to tourism growth in both countries.

1 year ago

Public Parks in U.S. Cities Find New Ways to Market to Locals and Tourists

Social media and all the bells and whistles of digital age marketing can do wonders for parks and destinations, but sometimes old-fashioned word-of-mouth works just as well. And like anything, holding events at your park always brings increased awareness of what you have to offer.

2 years ago

SeaWorld Looks to Travel Agents to Help Reverse Attendance Woes

One big force in the travel industry, Southwest Airlines, did what was right as a good corporate citizen (or at least was worried about a brand hit), and is ending ties with SeaWorld after a 26-year relationship. Others in the travel industry see only dollar signs.

2 years ago

SeaWorld Credit Rating Lowered to Junk Status by Standard & Poor’s

SeaWorld's brand hit has parallels to the reputation damage that fellow Florida operator Carnival Corp. has had to deal with over the last two years. Carnival is only now recovering, and SeaWorld's struggles may turn out to be more protracted because ending killer-whale shows is a decision SeaWorld isn't ready to make.

2 years ago

SeaWorld Tries to Appease Blackfish Critics With Larger Whale Tanks

After arrogantly dismissing criticism of its treatment of killer whales, SeaWorld has found a bit of religion now that attendance has fallen at parks in Orlando and San Diego. Enlarging the orcas' habitats, though, still doesn't get at the heart of some of the outcry.

2 years ago

SeaWorld Concedes Blackfish Hurt Attendance in Second Quarter

SeaWorld has been trying to emphasize how it rescues sea creates and allegedly humanely treats orcas in captivity, but a segment of the public just isn't buying it, as SeaWorld's recent attendance figures show.

2 years ago

San Diego Taps Local Stars for New Content Marketing Campaign

Tourism boards are starting to realize that high-quality content including interesting and actionable information performs better and spread more organically than a staged corporate campaign ever could.

3 years ago

PETA Sues San Diego Airport for Not Accepting Anti-SeaWorld Ad

San Diego's airport will need to make sure it hasn't allowed advocacy advertisements in the past. If it has, it may want to deal with SeaWorld, even though it's loathe to do so.

3 years ago

SeaWorld Float Needed Heavy Security At Rose Bowl Parade

SeaWorld's "Blackfish" problem is that disgust about its treatment of killer whales goes way beyond the ranks of PETA activists.

3 years ago

San Diego’s tourism board keeps doors open in last-minute deal with mayor

San Diego would maintain a thriving tourism community for some time without a marketing board, but its functions remain too important to the city’s long-term economic health for the mayor to let its doors close.

3 years ago