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Royal Caribbean Is Ordering a New Class of Megaships

Royal Caribbean will need to completely rethink the way it designs and powers ships in order to use liquefied natural gas and fuel cell technology. It's an interesting challenge, and we find it especially notable that the cruise company is not trying to break its own capacity records.

2 weeks ago

Cruise Ship Building Boom a Boon for Germany’s Shipbuilding Industry

China may be able to compete on price, but the long history Germany has building ships is still giving it an edge over emerging rivals.

3 months ago

Royal Caribbean Is Optimistic About China Despite Pricing Troubles

Royal Caribbean is adamant that it is in China for the long haul, despite short-term pricing pressures. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the industry responds if capacity proves difficult to absorb.

3 months ago

How Royal Caribbean Wants to Make Smart Ships Smarter

Cruise lines have used technology to create experiences on ships that wow guests, but Royal Caribbean's new CIO makes a good point: Tech should also continue to evolve to make the cruise experience easier to navigate for passengers.

3 months ago

Royal Caribbean Is Bringing Robot Bartenders and Virtual Skydiving to More Cruise Passengers in Asia

Royal Caribbean was a market leader in sending new capacity to China, and continues to up the ante by sending a second brand new ship.

5 months ago

Interview: Royal Caribbean CEO on Launching the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean has been in the "world's-largest-ship" business for several years now. We're curious to know what they will come up with next.

5 months ago

Royal Caribbean Became the World’s Largest Cruise Line and Pretty Much No One Noticed

Kudos to Royal Caribbean for focusing on product over bragging rights — but it would have been helpful to know about this development when it happened.

5 months ago

Top-Spending Travel Brands for U.S. TV Advertising So Far This Year

The first quarter is a popular time for travelers to start planning spring break and summer travel. Based on TV spending estimates for the first quarter, it's clear that the top spending brands such as Southwest Airlines, Trivago.com and Royal Caribbean are bent on getting Americans enamored with the thought of summer vacations.

6 months ago

Royal Caribbean Gives Investors a Reason to Get Onboard

Curtailing discounts and driving more onboard spending is a key for any cruise line. Royal Caribbean is leading the way.

6 months ago

Royal Caribbean Says Americans Are Cruising Closer to U.S. Waters

Anyone still worried about the importance of the Caribbean to cruise lines should be reassured by these results.

6 months ago

Skift Podcast: Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Chinese Travelers?

Travel companies that want to grow are rightly keeping a focus on China; 130 million outbound travelers can't be ignored.

6 months ago

Royal Caribbean Wants to Ride the Boaty McBoatface Wave

We don't see a variation of Boaty McBoatface on the horizon for any Royal Caribbean ships, but the April 1 announcement did generate some attention — which was, of course, the whole point.

7 months ago