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5 Big Takeaways for Hoteliers From This Year’s J.D. Power Hotel Guest Satisfaction Rankings

If this year’s study is any indication, it’s clear guests are expecting a whole lot more from hotels than they have before in the coming year.

4 months ago

These Are the Most-Talked-About Hotel Brands Online and Offline

Smart hotel brands are upping their content marketing game on social media channels to generate more conversations online and off.

7 months ago

New Skift Trends Report: Winning Content Marketing Strategies for 2016

As content marketing has established itself as an important tool in the travel industry, brands are investing more time and money in creating articles, video and interactive content across all channels, in order to better reach customers.

8 months ago

New Ritz-Carlton Hotels Website Focuses on Style Over Substance

The new Ritz-Carlton website is fast and seamlessly designed with an intuitive user interface and attractive photography, but the generic brochure-style content takes away from the drama of the brand.

8 months ago

Millennial Concerns Driving Ritz-Carlton’s New Logo and New Brand Voice

The Cadillac of luxury brands in the hotel world, The Ritz-Carlton recently announced changes to its brand, namely a fresh voice and updated logo, as it looks for ways to stay relevant in a world shaped by millennial travel.

1 year ago

Four Seasons Condo in Los Angeles To Be Offered for $50 Million

There's obviously a market for super-upscale condos tied to services at luxury hotels such as Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. Developers in Los Angeles are following through on this mission.

1 year ago

Strategic Hotels Looking for a Buyer for Its Luxury Hotel Portfolio

While hotel brands have gone asset light, smart investors still love marquee real estate.

1 year ago

Interview: Ritz-Carlton COO on Adapting to Luxury Travelers’ Expectations

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most iconic luxury brands on the market today, but Humler is aware that a brand name isn't enough to keep guests coming back. Providing the personalized service and technology that they expect is more important than a name.

2 years ago

The Condo-Hotel Concept Is Alive Again, With Some Caveats

It makes sense for the hotel developers, but will it make long-term sense for the people buying the condos? Let's hope they're relying on something more concrete than a brand name.

2 years ago

Marriott to Open Mumbai’s First Ritz-Carlton in Shanty Town Area

Marriott and the developer are getting around Mumbai's zoning restrictions on building height by placing the new Ritz-Carlton into a shanty town location that's being revamped with luxury homes.

2 years ago

Ritz-Carlton Leaders Confident Brand Can Withstand China’s Economic Slowdown

The government’s spending limits is not enough to quell the rise in luxury travel demand in China and Ritz-Carlton’s brand name will continue to attract local and international guests throughout the region.

2 years ago

Interview: How Ritz-Carlton Sells Its Service Expertise Outside of Travel

Using one of the hospitality industry's most indepth service manuals, Ritz-Carlton is sharing best practices with corporate America and adapting those to Millennial behavioral trends.

3 years ago