Hyatt Heir Teams Up With Chinese Auto Giant to Invest $1 Billion in Hotels

Pritzker, like other wise investors, is buying hotel real estate while brands shed it. There's likely a lesson in here.

Hilton Spends the Money It Made on Waldorf Astoria to Buy 5 New Hotels

Hilton's not getting out of the brick and mortar property owning business, it's just making the most off of New York City's inflated real estate market.

Chinese Group Buys New York’s Still Unopened Baccarat Hotel

A smart man would bet that there may be a few too many luxury properties in New York City's hotel pipeline.

Thanks to Waldorf Property Sale, Hilton Has Nearly $2 Billion to Spend

We're still not sold on the wisdom of asset light, despite the cash it clears up.

Waldorf Astoria Purchase Is China’s Largest Investment in U.S. Real Estate

If your purchase can be described as "the most ever spent" then you most certainly spent too much. Hilton's shareholders should be pleased with this sale.

Accor Acquires Two European Hotel Portfolios for $1.23 Billion

We like watching Accor's asset-heavy strategy play out across Europe while other brands shed their real estate.

3-Time Winner of TripAdvisor’s Dirtiest Hotel in the World Is up for Sale

The biggest downside of the new, friendlier TripAdvisor has been the demise of their 'worst' lists.

Dubai’s Stocks Are at Highest Point Since 2008 as Property Sector Recovers

It will be nice if this boom means the enthusiastic emirate avoids novelty real estate projects that try to up the ante on luxury hotel properties or attract foreign buyers of vacation homes.

Starwood wants to sell its three hotels near Philadelphia’s airport

The Philadelphia airport hotels aren't marquee properties in Starwood's quiver, but the latter's willingness to put the hotels up for sale speaks to the desire for hotel companies to rid themselves of real estate and focus on management.

Top markets for vacation homes in the U.S.: From Nantucket to Gatlinburg

Trulia's examination of both real estate prices and search habits based on a person's primary residence offers excellent insight into the spending habits and travel intent of Americans' domestic vacation habits.