Articles tagged “privacy”

Uber Pays Tiny Penalty for Privacy Violations in New York City

This doesn't even rise to the severity of a slap on the wrist. We still can't be sure what Uber is doing with the data it collects about consumer behavior.

10 months ago

Ryanair Digs Deep Into Passenger Data for Amazon-Like Learnings

Ryanair is learning that sometimes being smart is better than being nasty.

1 year ago

Digital Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint Against Uber

Nearly every technology startup takes way more information from users than users would be comfortable with if they truly understood what they were giving up.

1 year ago

Uber’s New Privacy Policy Admits That Riders Have No Privacy

As with Waze and other apps and services that make life easier, consumers are happy to trade privacy for convenience and lower price almost all of the time.

1 year ago

Uber Says Study Proves Customer Data Is Safe From Uber

Considering the multiple public revelations of the freedoms it has taken with privacy, Uber has a ways to go before the consumers who care about this will feel secure.

2 years ago

Uber Hires Law Firm to Investigate Its Own Invasion of Privacy Issues

Invasion of privacy has always been key to what Uber does, but consumers have been cool with it because, hey! great service. With this investigations it will seek to assure users that it won't use this information for evil. Which we know is hard for them.

2 years ago

Travel Companies Highlight Privacy to Attract Rising Number of Female Business Travelers

Female business travelers are one of the fastest growing demographics in global today making them a prime target for travel companies, which in this case results in more privacy and security for those women traveling alone.

2 years ago

EU Considers Tracking Flyer Data to Keep Militants Out of Syria

Privacy concerns have kept the EU from setting up a system where flyers' contact and credit information is shared between states, although it is shared with the U.S. A recent exodus of Syrian supports have led the union to reconsider their guidelines.

3 years ago

Will DOT finally take traveler privacy issues seriously?

Considering the way companies throughout the travel industry view consumer data (supposedly lacking personally identifiable information) as a commodity, it is high time that the DOT began taking privacy issues seriously.

3 years ago

Google Glass: No relief from privacy invasion even at the urinal

You can read this story and, given the privacy implications, almost think it is a hoax. Sure, people can already take their smartphone cameras into public restrooms, but if you can indeed wink and take a photo with Google Glass, then there is literally nowhere to hide.

3 years ago

How Google Glass will shatter notions of privacy

In the future, FBI informants won't be asked if they are wearing a wire. Instead, the question might be: Are those Google Glasses?

4 years ago

TSA use of personal data raises issues for trusted and untrusted travelers

One of the problems -- and there are many -- with the use of personal data and the current trusted traveler programs is that the redress mechanisms are a joke. There has to be a way to get a little more transparency into the progams.

4 years ago