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New Travel Service Black Tomato Works With Drones For Slick Travel Videos

As long as you have plenty of cash and imagination, the sky's now the limit for getting the perfect videos and photos of your dream vacation.

3 months ago

TripAdvisor is Now the King of Hotel Photo Content

Between its traveler, expert and management photos, TripAdvisor now has a depth of photo content that is unparalleled for guests checking to see what the property looks like. That's why TripAdvisor acquired Oyster, for the professional hotel photography, warts and all.

2 years ago

Wyndham Hotels May Turn to Guests for Property Photos and Videos

If chains such as Wyndham follow Hilton Worldwide's lead and enable their guests to reserve specific rooms, then photography and video will likely become an even more important part of booking and post-booking decisions.

2 years ago

Photo-Sharing App Trover Offers Tools To Distribute Images and Travel Tips

Trover is a great little photo-sharing community, but it faces the same challenge that just about all startups face -- getting noticed, and in this case, as it labors in Instagram's shadows.

3 years ago

Travel Video Favorite GoPro Files Confidential IPO Documents with SEC

GoPro is leveraging the desire of travelers and others to share every moment of their lives with friends and on social media. It's ironic that with all this sharing, GoPro has decided to share its financials confidentially with the SEC -- for now.

3 years ago

Visuals Are the New Language of Content Marketing in Travel

The rise of visual web has been great for travel marketing, which has traditionally been image-driven anyway. Smart companies are doing smart content marketing campaigns, and we show how.

3 years ago

Photo Startups Have a Bloat Problem: 319 Launched This year

The rise of the visual web means the rise of photo startups, many which are glorified features posing as full-fledged companies. Micro innovations become the flavor of the month, and new startups follow as VC money (mostly early stage angel and seed) keeps pouring in.

3 years ago

Eight Unexpected Instagram Accounts From the Travel World

It's difficult to determine if a strong Instagram presence really adds up to any significant impact on business or whether those traditional travel companies picking other social media battles are missing out. If anything, well-liked travel brands enjoy another point of contact with current and potential customers.

3 years ago