The Austrian Company Ready to Replace the Passport With a Smartphone

We need a new generation of passports, but privacy concerns with the existing e-Passports will only increase if you add in everything that our smartphones already know about us.

Germany Says Europe’s Passport-Free Travel is in Jeopardy

The migrant crisis or, more specifically, the terrorism threat is putting in extreme pressure on the European Community's system of passport-free travel.

Automated Kiosks May Solve Miami Airport’s Passport Control Problems

International arrivals is where the U.S. makes its first impression on visitors and it's time to stop doing such a terrible job of this.

Automated Passport Kiosks Haven’t Solved All the U.S.’s Arrivals Delays

Sure, cutting the average monthly wait time by more than 40% is a significant improvement. But you can bet the international travelers still waiting in those one hour or two hour-plus lines will make it their mission to bad mouth their experience to anyone who will listen.

The Man Who Helps Countries Turn Investments Into Passports for the Rich

The margin for abuse here is at least as big as a Caribbean island group.

The Design Firm That Created the World’s Best Looking Passport

Yet another reason to envy the Norwegians.

Training Can’t Help Passport Officers Better Check Photo IDs

Accurately matching photos and actual faces appears to be a skill that's more innate than earned suggesting that passport officers should be thoroughly for it before hiring.

New Mobile Passport Control App Being Piloted in Atlanta

Using mobile apps to speed the customs process at the airport is a logical step. Anything that can speed the customs process while maintaining security has got to be a good thing.

A Malaysian Airline Promises to Start Checking Passports Against Database

Closing this security gap, where some airlines don't check passports against the Interpol database, is a no-brainer.

Fewer Than 10 Countries Check Passports Against Database of Lost, Stolen Documents

Malaysia Airline's missing plane has brought light to the underground market of lost and stolen passports and how little airlines and airports do to verify passports before allowing passengers onboard. Expect more airlines to start checking passports against Interpol's database.