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Norwegian Cruise Line’s new dining package won’t ‘wow’ passengers

The package combines reservations of three on-board restaurants for a $3 saving, but the cruise line should focus more on new menu items like local or organic meals to really get passengers talking, or caring.

8 years ago

Carnival doesn’t want passengers to drink alone with its new all-you-can-drink package

The pilot program's popularity may be tempered by the fact that all cabin mates must purchase the package. This may be good for Carnival's sales, but it's not necessarily great for cabin mates with divergent budgets or drinking habits.

8 years ago gets American Airlines wholesale fares through direct ties

American Airlines' direct-connect push has yet to take off in a huge way, but the agreement shows it ain't dead yet. Old-school GDS protests aside, travel agencies should be able to establish such ties with anyone they want to.

8 years ago