TWA Flight 800: Healing and Heartache 20 Years Later

The National Transportation Safety Board has consistently rejected the idea that a missile took down TWA Flight 800. Remembering and learning from such tragedies is a vital part of the legacies.

NTSB Probes Delta Flight That Landed at Wrong Airport

Pilots landing flights at the wrong airport happens more often that you'd think -- or be comfortable with.

Southwest, Asiana Flights Should Have Aborted Landings, NTSB Documents Show

The approach or touchdown is the leading cause of aviation accidents and deaths. In the case of the now-fired Southwest pilot, several other pilots had complained about her prior to the LaGuardia incident.

New NTSB Chairman is Licensed Pilot

Christopher Hart is a licensed pilot, and so was his great uncle, who crashed the color barrier for pilots in the U.S. Hart's in-the-cockpit experience is certainly an asset at his NTSB position.

Passenger Safety in Bus Accidents Lags 15 Years After Recommendations for Improvements

A lot of the passengers in the fatal California bus accident squeezed out a window that had to be kicked open to enable the passengers to squeeze through. There has to be a better way, and regulators have been shamefully sitting on remedies for 15 years.

NTSB Questions Real-World Responses to Cruise Disasters

Cruising is one of the safer ways to travel, but the NTSB wants to make sure that's because of training and procedures, not luck.

Electronics Are Squandering the Navigation Skills of Cruise Operators

The argument that electronics are replacing the technical skills of pilots and captains comes up any time disasters occur, but it's an important discussion that should result in a balance of skilled labor and smart technology.

In Malaysia Air Probe and Elsewhere, Pilot Suicide is a Subject Too Horrifying to Utter Loudly

Pilots deliberately crashing planes to commit suicide are an exceptionally rare occurrence. Still, even more attention must be paid now to vetting and actively keeping up to date on the mental health of the people in the cockpit, and the crew, as well. How to do that, especially after pilots are hired, is a vexing question.

Landings at Wrong Airports Put New Focus On Pilot Inattentiveness

Airlines and federal authorities had better get a handle on the pilot inattentiveness issue, if it played a role in the two recent wrong-airport incidents, before there is another tragedy.