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Norwegian Cruise Line Cuts Profit Forecast on Slumping Demand

Slumping demand for Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises, as well as discounting, took a chunk out of Norwegian Cruise Line's profit in the second quarter.

2 months ago

How 4 European Low-Cost Carriers Are Preparing for Their Own Brexit

Despite all the sabre-rattling, it could be business as usual for Europe's low cost carriers even if the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

4 months ago

Norwegian Air Continues Push for More Long-Haul Routes

A new fleet and intercontinental routes are key to Norwegian's strategy against its low-cost European competitors.

6 months ago

Ryanair CEO on Terror Impact and Pact To Time Schedules With Norwegian for Long Haul

European airlines and their counterparts almost everywhere are bracing for a next terrorist attack and worry about the potential that demand won't bounce back as it usually does. Meanwhile, Ryanair believes coordinating its flights with long-haul carriers such as Norwegian will become a material part of its business.

6 months ago

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Next Ship Is a Bet on Chinese Cruisers

Chinese consumers want to cruise in Asia, and cruise lines are jockeying to meet the demand. If the Asia experiment doesn't work out, lines can send their ships back to high-demand regions like the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

1 year ago

Norwegian Air Close to Deal With Ryanair to Feed Travelers Onto Long-Haul Flights

Norwegian Air is ramping up its U.S. routes even as it awaits U.S. approval of its foreign air carrier permit, which is stuck in political gridlock.

1 year ago

Why Cruise Lines Are Building So Many New Ships

A deluge of new ships will make it cheaper for cruise lines to operate. They can also charge higher fares for new product and attract valuable first-time cruisers to the industry.

1 year ago

Kid Rock, Knitting and More Speciality Cruises to Lure First Timers

Themed sailings help cruise lines fill their ships and cruisers meet people with similar interests. Even small niche groups on cruises help cruise lines grow the pool of potential repeat customers.

1 year ago

Norwegian Air Makes Concession on Pilots in Bid for U.S. Approval

Desperate times call for desperate measures, including Norwegian's pledge to use only American and European pilots on its transatlantic routes. Is that what Open Skies is coming to?

1 year ago

ProPublica’s New Cruise Data Tool Gives Every Ship a Rap Sheet

Despite the headline-grabbing factor of some of these facts, when examined as a whole they reveal and industry that does a solid job at passenger safety.

1 year ago

British Virgin Islands Expands Pier, Additional Cruise Lines to Visit

While lots of attention is paid to airline lift into the Caribbean, the capacity of cruise ship piers can also be a critical factor for tourism growth in the islands.

1 year ago

The State of Cruise Ship Wi-Fi Is Still Pricey, But Getting Better

The state of cruise Wi-Fi looks very promising for this year and beyond, but the same can't be said for prices passengers will pay to stay connected.

2 years ago