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Fan-Made ‘Star Trek’ Sets Are Becoming Tourist Magnets in New York State

Like in space, "Star Trek" knows no boundaries on Earth and any destination could transplant these kinds of sets to woo diehard fans.

2 months ago

China’s Love of TV War Drama Poised to Bring Tourists to South Korea

The phrase "content is king" carries a deeper significance in China than anywhere else in the world and this show illustrates the power of pop culture and content to influence Chinese travelers' decisions.

6 months ago

Tourism and Movies Collide Again in Dubrovnik as ‘Star Wars’ Comes to Town

Everyone comes for the old city, but development restrictions need to be loosened so that the city does not turn into a set that only tourists and film crews love.

7 months ago

National Parks Get the IMAX Treatment in New Film

Will the movie have the intended effect of inspiring visits from international tourists?

8 months ago

Israel Tourism’s Oscar Promotion Has Already Turned Political

Tourism boards are hyper sensitive when it comes to potentially divisive political issues. But when the tourism board is Israel's, conflict is nearly impossible to avoid.

8 months ago

Israel Tourism Adds Free Celebrity Junkets to the Annual Oscar Swag Bag

We're not sure that people plan a trip to a destination like Israel based upon photos they see in Us Weekly, but we have seen bigger wastes of money on influencer trips.

9 months ago

Tourism Isn’t Yet the Perfect Replacement for Shrinking Dairy Business

Tourism can solve some problems, but others need a more complicated approach to economic support.

9 months ago

Ireland Is Already Cashing in on New Star Wars Tourism

There are worse ideas than connecting your destination with the top grossing movie of all time. Just make sure you're ready for the crowds. Luckily, Tourism Ireland has a track record of knowing what it's doing.

10 months ago

Wyoming Tourism Partners With Pixar for ‘Good Dinosaur’ Tie-In

Smart move by Wyoming to seize on the opportunity.

12 months ago

What It’s Like to Stay With Francis Ford Coppola, Boutique Hotelier

Is it just us, or does it seem that Coppola has figured out a way for others to pay for all of his vacation homes? Smart move.

1 year ago

Star Wars Coming to Disney Theme Parks in California and Florida

We're dork enough to say that this is going to rule. As professionals, though, it's important to point out that Disney is using Star Wars to help fight off the growing power of Universal and Harry Potter in Florida.

1 year ago

‘Dirty Dancing’ Catskills Hotel to Become Billionaire’s Yoga Hub

As singer Joni Mitchell once noted sadly, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

1 year ago