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Online Travel

Report: The Cellphone Is Underrated as a Travel Inspiration Tool

Tablets are trendy and we love them, but mobile phones are in consumers' pockets, pocketbooks, hands or just a few feet away, and travelers are using them to dream of their romantic getaway in Tahiti (or Namibia).


TripAdvisor Edges Into Kayak’s Hotel Turf In Deal With Bing

The deal, particularly the desktop element of it, is a good one for TripAdvisor, even if Microsoft has struggled to become a force in travel.

Online Travel

Delta to Replace Pilots’ Flight Bags with Microsoft Tablets

With this bet on Microsoft, Delta is bucking the pro-iPad trend that other airlines -- as well as the vast majority of consumers -- have embraced. Windows' heightened security and stability issues apparently aren't a concern for Delta either.

Delta to Replace Pilots’ Flight Bags with Microsoft Tablets

Media and PR

Microsoft isn’t happy that Google will emerge unscathed from FTC anti-trust probe

For years Yelp complained that Google was displaying too much of its content, so Google went and bought itself Zagat and Frommer's. Now that it has its own content, we're likely to see more of Google's own stuff and less of its competitors.

Online Travel

GroupMe pushes specialized group texting for travel planning

There is a ton of skepticism here about whether the startup, acquired by Microsoft/Skype, can really build a seamless, mobile, group-travel planning experience and whether or not people will care if it does.