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Maldives Is Still a Tourist Paradise Say Government Officials

We don't trust Maldives leaders any further than we can throw them and feel sorry for hotel companies that have invested heavily in tourism there.

12 months ago

The World’s Best Travel Videos of 2015 Emphasize Place and Emotion

All of these videos do a good job of immersing the viewer in the travel experience, but what makes them stand out is how they connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

1 year ago

A New Design for a Maldives Hotel That Just Doesn’t Understand Global Warming

The water is rising in the Maldives because of global warming. One of the big contributors to global warming is long-haul commercial air travel. You'd think that building floating hotels for the super rich wouldn't be the first problem to solve.

3 years ago

Hotel Industry Investment in Asia Rises Whopping 218 Percent

Singapore, China and Japan was where the action was last year for hotel investors, with renewed business and leisure travel in these markets. Expect 2014 to be another whopper year.

3 years ago

Ally of Resort Tycoon Wins Runoff Election in the Maldives

The decision provides some stability following the coup, but we'll likely not see the state address the environmental issues related to the Maldives' travel industry.

3 years ago

World Travel Market Hashtag Hijacked by Real-World Maldivian Protests

The Maldives protesters know more about making a social media splash than all the social media experts on tap to speak at World Travel Market. Perhaps they'll be invited next year to lead a seminar?

3 years ago

Ousted Maldives President Asks Tourism Workers to Strike if Election Halted

The ex-president's ouster has already given luxury travelers a reason to turn elsewhere for their over-water bungalows, and the threatened strike will only give more reason to avoid the islands for now.

3 years ago

Maldives Attempts Normalcy During First Election Since President’s Ouster

The island paradise that's a bell-weather for both high-end luxury accommodations and global warming is always trying to maintain a delicate balance, and it's political instability over the last year has not helped residents or visitors.

3 years ago

Mauritius fends off rivals Seychelles and Maldives to capture luxury market

Mauritius is largely benefitting from the Maldives political instability and regular press about the rising water levels.

3 years ago

The darker side of the tourist heaven Maldives

This symbolizes everything that is wrong with packaged tourism, sanitized away from the realities and daily lives of the locals. And yet, boycotting these countries, including example of Burma before it started opening up, only adds to economic misery of common people.

4 years ago

Maldives cancels major airport project at the last minute sending a negative signal to investors

Despite the Maldives’ reputation as popular leisure destination, internal cultural conflicts and an unpredictable government will push foreign investors away from the Indian Ocean islands.

4 years ago

Maldives as tourism destination: From hopeless to hot spot

The Maldives biggest threat now is one it may not be able to control: Global warming and the rising waters that may make everything an underwater experience.

4 years ago