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Airbnb Agrees to Collect Taxes From its Hosts in Los Angeles

Does this tax-collection agreement mean Airbnb is completely legal in Los Angeles? Not really. But if you're renting out your home as a short-term rental, the city wants to make sure it gets its cut of the business, even as it's revising its short-term rental laws.

3 months ago

Skift’s New Video Series: What Keeps Travel Industry CMOs Up at Night

We turned the camera on four of travel's marketing leaders to learn what keeps them up at night. Here's what they had to say.

4 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Los Angeles Tourism CMO on Connecting With Millennials

Discover Los Angeles is attempting to attract more Millennial travelers by promoting local neighborhoods and their specific hidden attractions organized by different travel themes.

7 months ago

New Data Takes Aim at Airbnb ‘Super Hosts’ in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Cracking down on Airbnb "Super Hosts," or those who use the platform on a "professional" full-time basis to operate illegal hotels, is becoming a serious hot button issue. If Airbnb wants to become more widely accepted, it has to assure local and state governments that its platform isn't becoming a front for illegal hotels.

7 months ago

Los Angeles Tourism CEO Explains the Exponential Rise of The Chinese Traveler

A combination of Hollywood branding at home and early adopter advocacy in China have resulted in double digit growth in visitation for the last five consecutive years.

7 months ago

The Battle to Be the Biggest Airline at LAX Is One Without a Winner

And the consumer is the clear winner.

9 months ago

Los Angeles Sees Record Tourism Numbers for 5th Year in a Row

We've yet to see a major U.S. destination not post positive numbers for 2015. Will a 2016 with a strong dollar be any different?

9 months ago

Skift MeetingsIQ: Smart City Meetings in Vienna, Smart Content in L.A.

Destinations from Vienna to Los Angeles are promoting their smart city infrastructure and technology to engage meeting planners and attendees.

11 months ago

The Strategy Behind Los Angeles Tourism’s New Meeting Planner Site

At last, a U.S. tourism bureau has developed its digital meetings content and user interface on par with the best leisure content/UI available out there.

11 months ago

Disney Is Looking at Surge Pricing to Better Control Crowds

Disney has figured out a way to get guests to spend more money once they're inside the gates, so it can afford to thin the herd a bit to improve the guest experience.

1 year ago

Billionaire Wants L.A. to Be the World’s Next Great Art Destination

It's telling that there are so many dollar signs in this story, because that's what modern art is all about, and L.A. Is the best place to observe this as a visitor.

1 year ago

Los Angeles Wants to Improve Public Transit in Order to Attract the Olympics

Los Angeles is better at public transportation that people give it credit for. And if it takes a boondoggle like the Olympics to get the city to make it better we're all for it.

1 year ago