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UK Government Promises to Choose Between Heathrow and Gatwick

Like Berlin's new airport's failures or New York City's terrible offerings, London's airport drama is one of the longest running sagas in modern transportation. Meanwhile new rivals make solid ground every day.

7 days ago

London Heathrow Makes New Pitch to Add More Flights

This is a relatively minor proposal from Heathrow Airport, considering it only would make room for 34 new daily departures. But any news that Heathrow can accommodate new flights is probably good for airlines.

3 weeks ago

Heathrow Third Runway Supporters Are Feeling Confident, Despite Delays

Supporters may see victory, but it needs to come sooner rather than later if they're serious about defending London's position in transatlantic travel.

9 months ago

Life Inside the Anti-Runway Camp Outside Heathrow Airport

Nothing about this collection of images says that the anti-runway people have a decent, viable alternative to expansion.

10 months ago

British Prime Minister Puts Off Heathrow Runway Decision Until Summer

Seriously, time to man up Cameron. Everyone is waiting.

11 months ago

Leaders Push UK Prime Minister to Make a Decision on Heathrow Expansion

It's a deeply divisive issue, but Cameron needs to put on his big boy pants and make the call. It's shouldn't be a faster decision to decide to bomb Syria than to add or not a third runway.

11 months ago

British Business Leaders Urge Prime Minister to Act on Heathrow Expansion

Countries like Britain (and Germany and the U.S.) that were first movers in aviation need new comprehensive roadmaps that better position them for the next generation of flying. Right now they're just running from one crisis to the next.

11 months ago

Heathrow Reveals a Vision for Its Third Runway Expansion

Heathrow has managed to function as a major international hub despite its runway limitations. But future passenger growth means it will need to expand, if it is to hold a leadership position both in Europe and around the world.

1 year ago

London City Airport Stuck in Limbo as Politicians Debate Heathrow Expansion

London's mayor and the U.K. Prime Minister need to stop playing politics and think about what makes most sense for London, which is probably an expansion of Heathrow given the growing number of international travelers.

1 year ago

Heathrow Expansion Would Be an Easy Win in Parliament, Says Key Leader

The only politicians voting against the expansion will be the ones whose constituencies are under the flightpath.

1 year ago

Heathrow’s Environmental Activists Are Getting It All Wrong

That said, it's much easier to tie yourself to a runway than to do the very hard work of changing policy and industry.

1 year ago

Anti-Growth Activists Breach Heathrow Perimeter in Runway Protest

Delaying flights is not the best way to get people on your side.

1 year ago