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Virgin Group Settles Lawsuit That Claimed Its Cruise Line Plan Was Stolen

The $300 million lawsuit has drawn attention from Virgin's plans to "make waves" in the cruise industry. Now the focus will shift to whether Virgin Cruises can deliver on that promise.

9 months ago

Pinterest the Bully? Travel Startup Thinks So, Answers Trademark Lawsuit

Pinterest had a huge travel vertical even before it filed its lawsuit and prior to its launching of Place Pins. Regardless of the outcome of this trademark lawsuit, few are confusing the prospects of Pinterest vis a vis Pintrips.

3 years ago

Court Allows Hawaii Hotel Workers to Sue Employers for Stealing Tips

"Service charges" on line items like room service are seen by hotel guests as tips. Lawsuits like this could lead to changes that make life better both for employees and guest who wonder why a cup of coffee delivered to the room is $12.

3 years ago