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British Airways Cuts Back Its Business-Class-Only New York to London Service

Given the proximity, it's difficult to tell whether BA's decision had anything to do with Brexit. Still, if there is an economic slowdown in the UK, expect to see premium bookings taking a hit.

2 months ago

New York and Los Angeles Airport Scares Highlight TSA’s Failures

The U.S. government has had nearly 15 years to figure out how to fund and staff the TSA. It's still failing.

2 months ago

New York Airports Threaten to Remove TSA in Favor of Alternate Screeners

The best chance of solving the TSA staffing issue is the U.S. House approving additional funds to pay overtime for TSA workers. But the truth is that more airports should experiment with alternative security staffing, like the New York Port Authority has threatened to do.

6 months ago

Inside TWA’s Iconic JFK Terminal Before the Hotel Conversion Begins

This hotel project has been so long in the works that we will be pleasantly surprise when it finally comes to fruition.

1 year ago

JetBlue Is Pushing Farm to Tray Table Concept at JFK Airport

It's a bit of a gimmick, sure, but it's another sign that JetBlue takes its hometown NYC position seriously.

1 year ago

It’s Official: Hotel at JFK in Old TWA Terminal Gets 70-Year Lease From Port Authority

The approval of MCR Development, which operates Marriott and Hilton properties, and minority partner JetBlue to develop the old TWA terminal into a hotel caps several years of maneuverings with Standard Hotels and Yotel Group previously expressing interest. This is a Port Authority project so get ready for the ride.

1 year ago

JetBlue in Partnership to Open Hotel in Old TWA Terminal at JFK Airport

Few international airports have an on-airport hotel but JFK will get one in 2018. The TWA Flight Center Hotel will be located near JetBlue's Terminal 5 and it will be a nice homage to the iconic airline. TWA, that is.

1 year ago

Interview: JFK Terminal 4’s CEO on Making Flying Into New York Better

It's astounding that the battle for a better airport experience in New York City has to happen one terminal at a time. But if it has to be that way, airport leaders should look to what's been done at Terminal 4 to lift the experience out of the doldrums.

1 year ago

Delta and American Air Are Fighting to Fly Hollywood’s Jetsetters

In related news, JetBlue's Mint has been pretty full lately, too.

1 year ago

New York’s JFK Airport Will Receive $8.9 Million for Small Improvements

How much does it cost to demolish a few terminals?

1 year ago

Workers at Two New York Airports Vote to Strike Today

Contractors let the airports save a few bucks, but it means they are less safe than they would be if workers had decent pay and benefits.

1 year ago

Pets Will Stay in Luxury at New JFK Terminal

It appears as though horses, dogs, cows and aardvarks will have everything at the new JFK terminal except free Wi-Fi.

1 year ago