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Gilt Gets Back Into Flash Travel Sales With Help From Secret Escapes

We're not sure that there's more of a market for flash sales now than there was in 2013, but we do know that expectations are vastly lower. And we know that Secret Escapes is now the only real player with this deal, its own site, and a similar agreement with, ironically, Jetsetter.

10 months ago

Jetsetter Outsources Hotel Flash Sales to Secret Escapes

Jetsetter still sees value in flash sales but it is such a small part of parent company TripAdvisor's overall business that it saw value in farming out that part of the business to Secret Escapes, which focuses on flash sales 24/7.

11 months ago

Jetsetter Tries Staying Relevant in Shaky Flash Deals Climate

Jetsetter is desperately trying to imitate market competitors with its new "collections" branding of participating hotels. The site may still have an identity issue, though, as it balances its flash sales offerings while trying to simultaneously become a lifestyle brand.

2 years ago

Jetsetter Turns to Video to Better Brand Its Lifestyle

From its detailed hotel descriptions to its online magazine, Jetsetter is a case study in content marketing.

2 years ago

TripAdvisor Spent $34.8 Million on 6 Acquisitions in 2013

TripAdvisor has plenty of cash on hand, but if it is true to historical form, it will likely be seeking to continue making smallish acquisitions of struggling travel startups, such as it did with Oyster.com, on the cheap in 2014.

3 years ago

TripAdvisor on Buying Travel Startups: “We Will Continue to Be Acquisitive”

The TripAdvisor CFO says the company has no intent of becoming an online travel agency. But, now that TripAdvisor has introduced Kayak-like hotel metasearch, the question looms whether TripAdvisor will make a large acquisition or two instead of sticking with its traditional penchant for travel startup bargain-hunting.

3 years ago

TripAdvisor promotes Jetsetter and kills its SniqueAway flash-sales brand

TripAdvisor didn't buy Jetsetter to have it sit in the background, and the impending doom of SniqueAway is the logical next step.

3 years ago

Updated: TripAdvisor confirms buying Jetsetter, will remain separate brand

Jetsetter's hotel relationships and expertise should help TripAdvisor on a variety of fronts. It remains to be seen whether TripAdvisor will eventually fold SniqueAway into the more successful Jetsetter, or go with a multi-brand strategy.

4 years ago

Hotel search site Room 77 gets its CEO: Jetsetter founder Drew Patterson

Online travel "supermarkets" Travelocity and Expedia years ago looked like winners, but hotel "specialist" Booking.com prevailed, Room 77 argues. And, it's betting that a singular focus on hotels will one day enable Room 77 to out-Kayak Kayak. It's a huge hill to climb.

4 years ago

Jetsetter sale finally nearing completion, announcement expected next week

For all its problems, Jetsetter is a market leader in hotel flash sales, and an acquisition at a bargain-rate sale price could help TripAdvisor inject some life into SniqueAway.

4 years ago

Gilt selling Jetsetter because there’s no clear path for growth under it

Too much, too fast, that's the Gilt story, though it has been smart about cutting fast too. Jetsetter's sale, while 6 months too late, it still the best option for future growth of the standalone travel booking site.

4 years ago

Could Travelzoo scratch its booking site itch by making merger magic with Jetsetter?

A Travelzoo-Jetsetter merger could work if the price were right, but sites such as Perfect Escapes, Spire, and Travel Intelligence are carrying out a flash sale of their own businesses, and could be more of a bargain in Travelzoo's view.

4 years ago