A High-Speed Train Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Could Soon Be a Reality

A bullet train traveling between both countries would be a boon not only for tourism, but also for business. Having seen the positive impact high-speed trains have on tourism and economies in Asia, it makes us wonder why bullet trains haven't yet made their way to the Americas?

A Billionaire Buddhist Priest and His Disciple Want to Fix Tokyo’s Hotel Shortage

Horiguchi and Inamori's approach to doing business could be a lesson for anyone in any industry: make money but make your employees, and the greater society, better for it.

Shanghai Disney’s Popularity Could Lead to More Business for Tokyo Parks

The first Disney park built outside of the United States hopes the latest will create fans who want to visit Mickey Mouse all over Asia.

Airbnb Is Going All Out to Win Over Tough Japanese Regulators

Japan is a market that offers Airbnb a chance to provide a model working relationship for other destinations facing lodging and housing crunches.

Tokyo, the Park Hyatt and the Art of the Hotel Arrival

It is a delight to witness a hotel arrival that hums with quiet efficiency and professionalism

Japan May Deregulate Home-Sharing to Help Hotel Shortage

Japan offers an excellent growth opportunity for home-share sites, but it will also most certainly closely watch how sharing impacts neighborhoods.

Japanese Villages Wonder if Tourists Will Return After Latest Earthquakes

Major earthquakes have damaged some of Japan's tourist infrastructure during the past five years and the latest quakes will hurt tourism in areas where it's needed most, such as small villages in the southwestern part of the country.

Earthquake-Hit Kyushu Will Loose Out on Its Tourism High Season

Tourism has been a financial boon in the years since the 2011 quake, and Japan will have to build that back up again — hopefully not entirely from scratch.

Chinese Tourists Are the New Japanese Tourists, But With Staying Power

Because of vastly different consumer tastes it's a mistake to think that one group of tourists is like one in the past. Unless of course you're doing so as a warning to destinations to not make the same mistakes they made in the past.

Japan’s Bullet Trains Are Using Comfort and Sake to Challenge Luxury Jets

The luxury experience will be crucial to Japan's effort to grow its high-speed rail network.