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How Turkish Air Will Recover After Airport Attacks and Coup Plot

Turkish Airlines has had a terrible month, but the airline could bounce back faster than some passengers might expect.

3 months ago

52 Wounded Still Hospitalized After Istanbul Airport Attack

Expect to see major airports extending their security perimeters outside passenger terminals in coming years.

4 months ago

Istanbul’s Airport Rocked by Multiple Explosions and Gunfire

4 months ago

U.S. Consulate in Istanbul Warns Tourists of ‘Credible Threats’

The messages coming out of Istanbul are going to continue scaring away U.S. visitors.

7 months ago

A New Europe and Middle East Convention Landscape — Meetings Innovation Report

Massive new airports in Dubai and Istanbul will drastically shift flight patterns across Europe and Asia by the opening of Dubai Expo 2020, along with the rankings of the world's top 10 convention cities.

7 months ago

Why $31 Luxury Hotel Rooms Aren’t Good News for Anyone in Turkey

If you just look at Istanbul the problem isn't so bad. But Turkey's tourism industry is much bigger than Istanbul, and some economies rely a disproportionate amount on foreign visitors.

7 months ago

Interview: Istanbul Rises as a Global Convention City Amidst Turkey’s Problems

Istanbul is emerging as a new global business hub due to massive infrastructure improvements, including what will be the largest capacity airport in Europe, but security fears could potentially dampen growth.

7 months ago

Suicide Bomb Attack in Central Istanbul Kills 5, Wounds Dozens

7 months ago

Istanbul’s Airport Beats Frankfurt to Become Europe’s Third Busiest Airport

Turkish Air's global network has turned Istanbul into a hub that is gaining on the rest of Europe while older cities fret about what to do about overcapacity and stunted development.

9 months ago

Tourist Death Toll in Istanbul Attack Rises

9 months ago

Explosion in Istanbul’s Tourist Center Kills 10 and Injures 15

10 months ago

Uber Floats an Intercontinental Product in Its Istanbul Water Taxi Service

Will Uber Segway be next?

1 year ago