Indonesia’s Aviation Safety Can’t Keep Pace With Its Rapid Growth

Rapid growth, a skills shortage, and a geographically challenging environment are already a challenge. But when you add in a focus on very low fares, it's a recipe for trouble.

Tourists and Locals Stuck on Indonesian Islands After Volcanic Eruption

Between volcanoes and forest fires, flights in southeast Asia are facing a season of challenges.

Uber Cries Foul as Indonesian Police Seize 30 Cars

Uber is fighting entrenched special interests all over the world and sometimes, such as in France and now Indonesia, things get rough. Consumer demand will likely have a lot to do with how things play out in Indonesia.

Indonesian Volcanoes Close Three Airports, Force Evacuations

"Ring of Fire" makes a better title for a Johnny Cash song than it does a tourism slogan.

Indonesian Travel Disrupted as 2 Volcanoes Erupt and Close 3 Airports

While it's a terrible weekend for this to happen, as least people are safe.

Bali Is Managing Its Own Volcanic Ash Cloud Moment

Best-case scenario is Bali can turn its volcano-inspired troubles in to tourism gold like Iceland did.

Indonesia Hopes Visa-Free Travel Will Double Tourism to Bali

Doubling visitors may be good in theory, but nobody visits Bali for it to feel like Times Square.

Asian Aviation Boom Creating Safety Challenges Across the Region

Problems with regulators and safety training point to where the problem starts here, and that's with airline leadership too eager to expand and governments that to inept or outclassed to do their duty for passengers.

Egypt Makes It Harder for Tourists to Visit While Indonesia Opens Up

This is bad business for Egypt that certainly won't give tourists the impression that travel in Egypt is easy.