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How Travel Brands Can Internalize a Culture of Innovation

It's not enough for a company to have it's heart set on building the latest “disruptive” form of technology — they must first create an organization-wide culture of innovation.

16 hours ago

Wyndham Rewards Tops Another List of Loyalty Program Rankings

This survey, which had Wyndham as its winner, only looked at the value you get when you redeem your points for free nights, and it didn't necessarily take into account other loyalty program perks or benefits that can transform a guest into a loyal customer.

3 weeks ago

Facebook Has a New Ad Product Tailor-Made for Travel Brands

Facebook wants to become a stronger player for driving trip inspiration and travel bookings, particularly direct bookings.

4 weeks ago

How Smart Hotels Use Messaging to Connect With Guests

Hotels are finally beginning to implement messaging strategies that make it easier for their guests to get in touch with them via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and the like. But how are they doing that, and what's next in messaging?

2 months ago

5 Reasons Why InterContinental Hotels Group Is Ripe for an Acquisition

The idea that being bigger is better in the hospitality industry is one that isn’t going away anytime soon. IHG, whether it might be the target of an acquisition or an acquirer, is in a solid position for both scenarios. And the company could probably use a bit of a jolt in terms of innovation and global growth.

3 months ago

Hotel CEOs Think Their Direct Booking Pushes Position Them for Long-Term Gain

The big talking game we saw during the first quarter may have softened a bit in the second, but it's clear hotel CEOs are committed over the long term to pursuing and winning the direct bookings war.

3 months ago

Anbang Denies It’s Trying to Buy InterContinental Hotels Group

It's clear that Anbang wants to buy something. Whether or not it ultimately has the power to turn that desire into reality is another matter entirely.

3 months ago

Kimpton Is Latest Hotel Chain to Deal With Credit Card Data Breach

With so many data breaches impacting so many different hotel chains, we have to wonder if there are better ways for hotels to prevent these kinds of attacks.

3 months ago

InterContinental Claims Early Success in Latest Direct Booking Push

Growth may be small at this stage but it shows that IHG is making some inroads into cutting its dependency on online travel agencies.

3 months ago

InterContinental Hotels Group Boosts Profits With Gains in the Americas

The U.S. is London-based InterContinental Hotel Group's largest region so that helped offset a falloff in France, for example, after the wave of terrorism. Brexit, too, could help IHG trim infrastructure/management costs.

3 months ago

Orbitz Founding CEO Gets Backing From Major Airlines and Hotel Chains for ‘Experiences’ Startup

The Jeff Katz and Boston Consulting Group startup Dihedral -- with an assist from two major airlines and four hotel chains -- can turn out to be something huge or meander nowhere like some of the traveler journeys they'll be charting. Certainly the two have a track record and they are hitting all the right notes, including Big Data and experiences.

3 months ago

The Disappointing Life of Hotel Industry Booking Site Room Key

You would think hoteliers would have learned a few things from their foray with Travelweb in the early 2000s but, as Room Key shows, they obviously did not.

4 months ago