Orbitz Founding CEO Gets Backing From Major Airlines and Hotel Chains for ‘Experiences’ Startup

The Jeff Katz and Boston Consulting Group startup Dihedral -- with an assist from two major airlines and four hotel chains -- can turn out to be something huge or meander nowhere like some of the traveler journeys they'll be charting. Certainly the two have a track record and they are hitting all the right notes, including Big Data and experiences.

The Disappointing Life of Hotel Industry Booking Site Room Key

You would think hoteliers would have learned a few things from their foray with Travelweb in the early 2000s but, as Room Key shows, they obviously did not.

The Link Between Language and Booking for International Travelers

As more people around the globe embark on international trips, consumers are coming to expect digital experiences in their native language regardless of where they land. Download this free trends report to learn actionable strategies to localize content for the next generation of global travelers!

CEOs of 5 Leading Hotel Brands on Their Hopes and Fears in 2016

The hotel industry has never had a more promising future, but terrorism, disease, and the rise of nationalism worldwide pose varying threats.

Wi-Fi at Hotels: The Battle Over Free Vs. Fee

Traveler demand for, and use of, Internet connection services is soaring, creating a dilemma for travel brands that must walk a precarious tightrope between charging for access and risking customer anger over unreliable free service.

Hotel Brands Quietly Give Travel Agents Access to Preferred Lower Rates

Hotels are beginning to leverage the power of travel agent partners in their conflict with online booking sites.

InterContinental Hotels Is Slumping as Global Pressures Build

U.S.-based hotel brands have had a strong first quarter this year. IHG's global exposure, as well as some other challenges, is hurting it here.

TripAdvisor Wants a Piece of Hotels’ Book-Direct Special Rates

Whether it's on hotel, online travel agency or metasearch sites, having attractive pricing is a very powerful thing. We think Kaufer is a smart guy. He knows he isn't going to get hotels' special rates for loyalty program members today, but he's trying to lay the groundwork for a deal later on.

Delta Doubles Down on Gogo Wifi — Skift Business Traveler

Delta Air Lines upped its relationship with Gogo Wi-Fi, a resounding win for Gogo and its 2Ku satellite-based technology, which promises the end of the era of glacial inflight Internet.

InterContinental Is the Latest Hotel Company to Jump Into the Direct Booking Wars

Now that Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and InterContinental have all joined the fray, it'll be interesting to see how the online travel agencies respond.