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Planned 400-mile U.S.-Canada Hiking Trail Inspired by Wandering Moose

If it's good for the moose then it's good for the hiking planners. A 400-mile trail from Ontario's Algonquin Park to New York's Adirondack Mountains would not only help meandering moose but would undoubtedly boost tourism for communities along the way.

2 months ago

Travel Alberta Experiments With New Digital Trails on Instagram

Creating separate Instagram accounts that feature evergreen and static content is a one-trick pony.

2 years ago

The search is on for three European tourists lost on a Chilean volcano

It’s curious that the three solo hikers would be left alone on the popular trek as there are dozens of operators on the volcano every day. Perhaps a new standard for independent hikers is in order.

4 years ago

Hiker is rescued from Appalachian Trail after getting snowed in by Sandy

Americans learn more about the far-reaching impact of Superstorm Sandy every day, even in the South where the brunt of the storm’s rainfall and wind was replaced with shocking snowfall.

4 years ago

What it’s like to travel across the USA entirely by foot

Jennifer Bradley was the first British woman to cross the US on foot, a journey that takes more preparation than any standard cross-country journey but provides an unmatchable experience.

4 years ago

Inadequate preparation for Grand Canyon hikes can lead to fatal mistakes

What makes the Grand Canyon beautiful is what can also make it deadly with no resources for help beyond the rim and trails that host humans, mules, and intense heat.

4 years ago

Charity challenges: Philanthropic travel or free holidays?

Beyond proper training and staying committed to your fundraising target, be sure to research the quality of trip operators so as not to harm local communities while trying to do good for humanity.

4 years ago