Gun Tourism Doesn’t Appeal To Vast Majority of Americans

Despite all the sensationalism in reportage of the recent tragic incident, the reality is that the idea of gun tourism is only appealing to a small portion of Americans, and fewer still act on it.

Airports Cope With Passengers Who Forget About Guns in Bags

How do airport police determine if travelers truly forgot they had a gun in their bags? The response cries out for a national policy. It is doubtful that airport authorities at JFK, O'Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield would be so lenient.

TSA Discovered a Record 1,813 Firearms at U.S. Airports in 2013

The jump in discoveries was not caused by any changes in TSA procedures, but rather an increase in forgetfulness or ignorance among gun-bearing travelers.

The TSA Just Set a New Record for Guns Found at Airports

The discoveries are not so much about the TSA being more vigilant as they are about the growing number gun owners who tend to be more forgetful than their more responsible forebears.

The TSA is on track for another record year of gun discoveries at airports

Thoughtless, irresponsible, and selfish are three words gun owners would rather not be called, but how else would you you describe someone who forgot they were bringing a weapon to one of the few places where they're guaranteed to go through an X-ray and metal detector?

Orlando tops all other Florida airports in weapons seizures

With the spike in U.S. gun ownership comes more and more "forgotten" weapons at one of the few places where people can guarantee they're going to be searched for weapons.

TSA found a record 65 firearms in flyers’ carry-on bags last week

The week before a holiday is bound to have heavier passenger traffic than average, but that doesn’t explain why the TSA found a record number of guns twice in the month of May.

The 5 most popular guns found this year at TSA airport checkpoints

With the increase in handgun purchases comes an increase in forgotten weapons by consumers who aren't as well trained in their use as the previous generation of owners.

Wyndham and Best Western get blasted online for offering discounts to NRA members

Advocates of gun control are digging deep to find the politicians and businesses that support the NRA. The question now is whether they’ll drum up support for a boycott of all affiliated hotel brands.

Confiscated guns at U.S. airports will hit 1,500 mark before year’s end, highest ever

The admonition to not bring a loaded weapon into a highly pressurized airborne vessel couldn't be stronger, yet more passengers than ever can't seem to remember to be responsible. As the U.S. focuses on gun safety this week, rules and procedures at airports deserve a look.