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The jump in discoveries was not caused by any changes in TSA procedures, but rather an increase in forgetfulness or ignorance among gun-bearing travelers.

A human skull, 136 grenades, 562 stun guns, and 1,813 firearms were discovered by the Transportation Security Agency at U.S. airports in 2013.

We first reported on the record discoveries in October, but the TSA detailed last year’s discoveries in a blog post published today.

The TSA discovered a record 1,813 firearms in carry-on bags across the country this year, a 16.5 percent increase in firearm discoveries from 2012.

Of the 1,813 firearms discovered, 81 percent, or 1,477 firearms, were loaded.

The most gun discoveries at a single airport was 111 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This is the second year Atlanta took the top spot; 95 firearms were discovered in 2012.

Like last year, most weapons were found in states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons and are much more likely to have a gun with them on a day-to-day basis.

The top 5 airports for gun discoveries in 2013 are outlined below:

Airport Guns Discovered in 2013
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International 111
Dallas/Fort Worth International 96
George Bush International in Houston 68
Phoenix Sky Harbor International 66
Denver International 51

The increased discoveries are not related to any changes this year in how the TSA operates.

Ross Feinstein, Press Secretary at TSA told Skift earlier this year, “Our procedures have not changed. It’s pretty well known that bringing a loaded weapon on a plane isn’t allowed. Most people who travel understand.”

Last year also marked the first time that a TSA officer was killed while on duty. Gerardo I. Hernandez was shot and killed at Los Angeles International Airport on November 1.

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Photo credit: Above are a few of the 1,477 loaded firearms discovered in carry-on baggage in 2013. TSA Blog

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