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Environmental Groups Sue the EPA for Not Enforcing Limits on Aircraft Pollution

This is a first step in combatting the negative environmental impact of airline greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, a global standard for emissions needs to be put in place and, hopefully, the new IATA CEO will be able to help get one established.

6 months ago

Landmark New York City Hotels Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As far as we've seen, the vast majority of hotel guests are ambivalent at best about their environmental impact. For hotels, a move like this needs to be because they think it's the right thing to do.

10 months ago

The Travel Industry Would Rather Not Talk About Sustainability

It's a shame that the travel industry hasn't taken a leadership role in limiting global pollution. The least companies can do is accurately report their pollution, and barely any even do that.

10 months ago

The New Electric Tourist Buses in Alaska That Won’t Help Melt Its Glaciers

It may be more expensive, but more environmentally friendly services help ensure that the sites people are coming to see will still be there for generations to come.

1 year ago

Video: Inside the Galapagos Islands’ Solar- and Wind-Powered Sustainable Airport

This project is perfectly matched to its destination, and has lessons for other airports as well.

1 year ago

Australia Barely Keeps Great Barrier Reef Off Most Endangered Sites List

It's a testament to the ignorance of the leadership of many countries that massive blunders like this happen all the time.

1 year ago

Paris Officials Ban Car Traffic to Combat Air Pollution

Paris officials only need to look at Beijing to see the damaging effect that pollution can have on a city's international image.

2 years ago

Laurance Rockefeller’s Big Island Eco-Resort Pioneer Turns 50

It's rare to see a one-of-a-kind properties built these days. Especially ones on this scale.

2 years ago

The U.S.’s Largest Airport Solar Farm Is Now Online

Nothing but a really smart use of lots of open space that other airports can easily replicate.

2 years ago

Boeing Commits to Clean Energy at 737 Plane Factory

Air travel is one of the most damaging activities for our environment so any steps that can be taken, from production to landing, to minimize impact should be mandated.

2 years ago

Starwood Ramps up Build of Element Hotels Extended-Stay Brand

The need to meet LEED certification for every Element Hotel has slowed the development pipeline, but will it pay off in the future as more consumers demand greener accommodations?

2 years ago

Old-School Motorcycle Brands Target Young Riders with Electric Bikes

Speaking to younger customers means tweaking brands' products to match their values and tastes.

2 years ago