Terror Fears Are Dramatically Shifting European Tourism Habits

If trends persist, expect Spain and Portugal to post record tourism numbers for 2016.

Greece Wants to Capitalize on Tourists Avoiding Turkey

Greece is hoping trouble in Turkey will help its tourism industry rebound following concerns over Europe's migrant crisis.

Greece Is Selling Over a Dozen Airports to Germany’s Fraport Operator

This doesn't hold the sting that it once may have as more and more airports are being run by global firms that typically know better than locals do.

Greek Islands Known for Tourism Continue to Feel Impact of Refugee Crisis

A summer influx of refugees would have devastated an already fragile Greek economy, but the offseason unrest will have an still unknown impact for the coming months.

EasyJet Seeks Longer Greek Holiday Season to Offset Tunisia Exit

EasyJet shouldn't have too much difficulty convincing Greek hotels to stay open longer if it can deliver the business.

Greece Is Hiking Prices at Top Tourist Attractions to Help Austerity Measures

While we think it would be funny to raise prices just for Germans, we also think Greece's leaders are failing their country massively by not helping lead the cultural shift necessary to get the country out of its funk.

How the European Migrant Crisis Affects Mediterranean Cruising

Cruise lines have spent most of the year dealing with economic and geopolitical crises in Europe, so they're prepared to make a profit regardless of continued chaos in the Mediterranean. A worst-case scenario is a messy incident involving a cruise ship and migrant vessel, however, that could scare the public away from European cruises.

Tourists on 6 Greek Islands to Be Hit With Higher Taxes This Week

Most tourists won't understand the hikes until it's too late, which is why tourists are often the hardest hit by unpopular taxes.

Greece Attracts the Tourists While Unrest Keeps Visitors From Turkey

Turkish tourism has been hurt by the unrest in the neighborhood and Russians staying away because of the weakness of the ruble. Greece's debt problems haven't turned off its tourism stream.

Summer on the Greek Islands Is a Great Time to Catch Tax Cheats

The Greek economy desperately needs foreign tourists this year, but more than that they need to capture all the tax revenue these tourists should be generating.