Expedia Reveals Its Ownership Stakes in Smaller Travel Sites and Services

Expedia inherited some minority investments in travel startups from HomeAway and Trivago, and made a few of its own in 2015. Look for Expedia to spread its money around in 2016, making additional minority investments, as well as a big acquisition or two.

Priceline.com CEO on the Death of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization had a great run but we are way past it now. Instead the top dogs in digital marketing are Google itself and the largest and most skilled players that can pay for those clicks and convert the hell out of them.

Interview: Gogobot CEO on the Secret to Travel Startup Survival

Travel startups will never emerge from the startup phase if they can't be creative and figure out a way to scale their businesses and get people to use their websites and apps more than a couple of times per year. Sometimes it means community-building or expanding beyond "travel" into local discovery.

Gogobot Warns Travelers to Indiana About State’s New ‘Freedom’ Law

Indiana and Arkansas, which passed a similar law today, should call up Arizona and ask what happened when the travel industry began boycotting the state because of regressive laws.

Gogobot Raises $20 Million Series C Round Led by HomeAway

Gogobot is a small factor today in competing with category leader TripAdvisor on the reviews' front, but the HomeAway partnership will enable it to increase its profile on the back of HomeAway's global footprint.

HomeAway Integrates Gogobot, Uber and Instacart Into Mobile Services

It's smart for HomeAway to give its users more reasons to use its mobile app to improve their local experience with rides, food, and local attractions.

Gogobot Is Betting Its User Content Can Give It an Edge in the Hotel Metasearch Race

Is the quality of Gogobot's user generated content really enough to make a difference as it launches hotel metasearch and brings itself into conflict with more well-heeled rivals? Gogobot thinks so, but it really has a lot to prove.

The Top 31 Most Heavily Venture-Funded Startups In Travel

The global travel industry is going through a lot of disruption, and the biggest sectors include the sharing economy and ground transportation, as well as one large potential winner in the hotel booking sector.

HomeAway and Gogobot team up, create guides for vacation rental customers

These Insider Guides can be a nice add-on for vacation rental owners and their customers. A nicely created guide, with neighborhood attractions, could be a selling point for the rentals.

Will any social travel startup survive? It doesn’t look good

The sad fact of most social travel sites is that despite cool design and nice apps, there are plenty of social sites -- Facebook, Pinterest, and, yes, TripAdvisor -- that already did what they're trying to do.