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Gogo Doesn’t Have Profits Yet, But Says It Has Momentum

Gogo's new 2KU service is definitely beneficial for travelers. But will it be good for investors? Time will tell.

3 months ago

Want to Watch Netflix With Gogo Wi-Fi on a Flight? It’s Finally Possible

It's great news that some Gogo customers can finally stream content from Netflix, but it will take a long time before more airlines update their planes with the latest technology.

4 months ago

Gogo Feels Pressure as American Airlines Splits In-Flight Wi-Fi Order With ViaSat

Increased rivalry among in-flight Wi-Fi providers is likely good news for technology advancements that are expedited because of it and the consumers that will benefit from them.

5 months ago

Gogo Is Trying to Raise $500 Million to Improve In-Flight Wi-Fi

Getting Internet onto a plane will likely always be a capital-intensive project, and Gogo's push for faster connectivity will require big investments from the company and from airlines.

5 months ago

Delta Doubles Down on Gogo Wifi — Skift Business Traveler

Delta Air Lines upped its relationship with Gogo Wi-Fi, a resounding win for Gogo and its 2Ku satellite-based technology, which promises the end of the era of glacial inflight Internet.

6 months ago

Delta Makes a Big Commitment to Gogo’s Next-Gen In-Flight Wi-Fi

Gogo had a set-back when American Airlines decided to open up its Wi-Fi bid to rival ViaSat, but this new Delta Air Lines commitment makes up for that.

6 months ago

Gogo Seeks Growth Outside of U.S. Where Demand for In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Strong

What Gogo's new study shows is that there is a great appetite for connectivity in the air globally, where it is rare. In North America, Gogo says the market is saturated, demand is lower. Whether this demand converts from 'would like to have' to 'would use' will depend on the costs of service, both for airlines and for passengers who pay the bill.

7 months ago

Skift Business Traveler: Gogo Shows Off Flashy High Speed Internet On Private SXSW Flights

Gogo's challenge to roll out new products while supporting old products creates a challenge for the company not just from an operational standpoint but in terms of user expectations.

7 months ago

New Gogo Deal Means Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi From Pole to Pole

If things keep evolving at this pace in the air, we're going to have a hard time finding excuses not to be connected to the office. Off-line vacations are the next big trend. Right that down.

8 months ago

How American Airlines May Be Making In-Flight Wi-Fi Better for Everyone

We're in a development period now with in-flight Wi-Fi where are expectations can't be met by much of the existing infrastructure.

8 months ago

Gogo’s CEO Envisions Better Wi-Fi Making Airline Passengers Happier

Gogo is still banking on its new broadband satellite system to reel in more airline clients, despite its recent spat with American Airlines.

8 months ago

New Deal Will Increase Gogo’s In-Flight Wi-Fi Speed

Satellite partnerships are everything in this high speed race, but with airlines making up their minds to equip planes, satellites already in sub-orbit have an advantage.

8 months ago