TripAdvisor on Buying Travel Startups: “We Will Continue to Be Acquisitive”

The TripAdvisor CFO says the company has no intent of becoming an online travel agency. But, now that TripAdvisor has introduced Kayak-like hotel metasearch, the question looms whether TripAdvisor will make a large acquisition or two instead of sticking with its traditional penchant for travel startup bargain-hunting.

TripAdvisor acquires GateGuru, continues its consumer travel takeover

TripAdvisor is becoming such a full-service travel site -- everything but actual bookings so far. By combining GateGuru and SeatGuru, TripAdvisor will have some laudable assets to inform travelers about the airline and airport experience.

GateGuru responds to user backlash by adding back features the airport app removed

GateGuru's challenge will be to figure out how it can continue to offer the features that its user base loves while finding a way to either increase engagement when the user isn't at the airport (like its rivals at TripIt), or make more money from them when they are.

Another travel app tries to ease frequent flyers’ airport woes

iFly Airport Guide may have one of the largest selection of airports, but this thoroughness has come at the price of good design and a smart user experience.

TravelNerd launches a day-of-travel app to help flyers calculate airport costs

There’s clearly a market for the app given GateGuru’s popularity, and TravelNerd’s smooth UI and existing user base will quickly add reviews to make the resources even more useful.

What happens when your pivot goes horribly wrong?

As a travel-focused startup ourselves, this is tough to watch, but heartening in that the company acknowledged its mistakes quickly and is reacting fast.

Clear Channel’s Flysmart app gives airport shops the gift of targeted advertising

Since its airport ad rival already formed a key partnership with GateGuru, Flysmart should set its sights on a high-caliber parter that puts passengers before advertisers to achieve at least a minimal balance between advertiser and consumer needs.

GateGuru picks up $500k in new funding to go broader than airport info

Car rentals seem a natural fit for GateGuru as its mobile fans work their ways through the airport. Hotels would be a no-brainer, too.