Conde Nast Traveler Goes Lo-Fi for Short Travel Video Contest

Short videos shot on a smartphone are being created and shared by everyday travelers. The new contest is a way to call out the inspiration that everyone, not just glossy print magazines, can now share with the world.

Luxury Hotels Steal Spotlight in New Film About Hotel Critic

Destinations see huge returns when they are featured in popular films, and the topic of this movie, as well as the viewers it attracts, could enable featured properties to make some money.

A Visual Ode to the Evolution of Aviation

It's easy to forget how new the aviation industry is and how drastically it's changing the way people live, work and experience their time on earth.

Resorts Are the Real Winners in ‘The Bachelor’s’ Made-for-TV Endings

It's almost impossible for hotels and resorts to beat the organic reach of TV appearances, but time on screen is a more lottery than strategy.

Movie Put on Hold Due to Striking Similarities with Missing Malaysia Jet

There are no conspiracy theories to be found in the similarities, but production should be put on hold indefinitely given the broad media coverage and personal lives impacted by the missing jet.

New TV Special Tries to Change Americans’ Perception of Israeli Tourism

The TV special will highlight the amazing culture and activities available in Israeli, but neglect to point out the very real cultural and political tensions also in the region. We'd trust a tour led by Bourdain over Greenberg any day.

How American Airlines and Iceland Got Starring Roles in Ben Stiller’s ‘Walter Mitty’

To the average viewer, the movie is a nice tale on the joys of travel. But any marketing or travel professional will see destination marketing at its most motivational best.

Indian State Launches Bollywood Tours to Organize Film Set Visitors

The state previously failed to take advantage of the visitors that traveled to the region for film tourism. The new tours will improve tourists' experiences and help the government create a more welcoming industry.

SeaWorld Responds to Blackfish Documentary, Blasts CNN

SeaWorld initially thought it could ignore Blackfish, but the film could be a contender for an Academy Award, and CNN Films' continued pushing of the documentary now is giving SeaWorld something to worry about.