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Half of U.S. Hotel Employees Don’t See Education or Skills Training as Essential

Hotel employees have plenty of reasons to make them weary of training and education such as exorbitant college costs and intimidating technology. Hoteliers need to persuade employees that they support their education and training, and it's also a vehicle for employees to be creative and more autonomous in their day-to-day jobs.

2 weeks ago

U.S. Hospitality Jobs Provided Boost to Employment Growth in June

Many hoteliers have said there's a talent gap in the hospitality industry and that hotels are missing key skills needed to help them create an enjoyable, twenty-first century guest experience. These job numbers prove hoteliers are responding to demand but time will tell if these new jobs are helping create a more skilled workforce.

4 months ago

Hotel-Employee Mentoring May Reduce Stress, But Not for the Most-Freaked Out

Mentoring programs may be one of the more effective hospitality human resource strategies that money can't necessarily buy.

4 months ago

American Airlines Revives Deep Discount Fares Because Their Absence Hurt

American Airlines is taking nothing for granted in wooing passengers with discounted fares and employees with profit-sharing. Both moves, it hopes, will generate revenue and profits.

6 months ago

Virgin America CEO Has Good and Bad News for Employees

The Alaska Airlines-Virgin America deal synergies won't be of the Expedia-Travelocity or Expedia-Orbitz type, where the majority of staff members of the acquired companies got pink slips. Virgin America's front-line employees should do well from a job security standpoint but a considerable number of back-of-the-house staff will have something to worry about.

7 months ago

3 Hoteliers on the New Technology They’ll Give Employees in 2016

Introducing technology on devices with household names helps with implementing change faster and more efficiently, and it continues the dominant trend of letting employees use the consumer tech they already know in their daily work lives.

10 months ago

Hotels Change Their Hiring Processes by Holding Casting Calls and Auditions

Hotel chains are gung-ho about their robust pipelines, but have they thought about how to efficiently build the future of their staff as they build their future properties? Some have, and comedy sketches, a cappella performances and role-playing guest scenarios are the smart future of hotel hiring rather than stuffy, crowded job fairs.

12 months ago

Expedia Acquires HomeAway: The Fine Print

For financial, online travel nerds and human resources nerds, here's all the fine print that's seen the light of day so far about then Expedia-HomeAway merger.

12 months ago

Survey: Nearly 80% of Hotel Professionals Aren’t Happy With Their Pay

As it gets more complicated to trace where a booking actually came from hotels' sales and revenue teams are one group in the online travel booking ecosystem bearing the brunt of this.

1 year ago

U.S. Destinations Take Their Foreign Worker Recruiting Efforts Around the World

Destinations kill two birds with one stone with foreign recruitment trips by finding the seasonal help they need along with employees who can speak the languages of some of their fastest growing visitor demographics.

2 years ago

Pegasus Solutions Restructuring and Layoffs Under Way

Pegasus Solutions was once a leading provider of central reservations system services to the global hotel industry, but the business has fallen off the cliff. Letting the chief information officer and other top leaders depart doesn't signal that Pegasus' prospects will be changing anytime soon.

2 years ago

Marriott Uses its Own Staff to Recruit Employees in New Campaign

It's great to see employees getting involved and showing community spirit around their brand. Marriott could also make the campaign more easily accessible and visible than it currently is on its site.

2 years ago