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Election Malaise and Global Uncertainty Will Hurt U.S. Business Travel Spending

Everyone is ready for the U.S. election to be over. The question is: Will business travel rebound once we move into a new year with a new president, or will global factors keep travel on a slow-growth trajectory?

6 hours ago

What Hotel CEOs Think About Terrorism, Slumping Oil, Brexit and Other Woes

The bigger questions on everyone’s mind in the hospitality industry: Is the cycle finally turning downward? Are the good times of high occupancies and revenues over? Should hoteliers be worried?

3 months ago

The Sharing Economy Gets Its Day Before a U.S. House Subcommittee

We're still a long way from political leaders really understanding what's happening at brands like Uber and Airbnb.

1 year ago

Singapore Air Adds More Premium to Its Premium Economy

Singapore Air has had to play catch up regarding its first class offering but now it is leading the way in terms of rethinking premium economy.

1 year ago

ANA Uses Toyota Racing Car Expertise for New Economy Seats

Aircraft seating can benefit from a new player, Toyota Boshoku, which has a fresh perspective and plenty of experience in other transport sectors. These seats are a clever innovation and likely to please more passengers over time than the R2-D2 livery—awesome as that livery is.

1 year ago

Five Charts That Explain the Size of the Global Travel Industry in 2015

Travel builds businesses, helps in trade and capital investment, creates jobs and entrepreneurialism for the workforce, and helps protect heritage and cultural values, at least in theory. The WTTC data behind this shows how large the global travel industry really is.

2 years ago

Mongolia’s Prime Minister Says Travel Restrictions Are Poison

All smart countries have broken down the metaphorical barriers to its literal borders. Mongolia needs to take note.

2 years ago

3 Biggest Challenges Facing the Global Aviation Industry

Although airlines are safer and more profitable than any time in history, the industry must innovate much more rapidly in order to secure its environmental and financial viability in the future.

2 years ago

Runners and Marathons Become Big Business For Destinations

Races are just one of many niche events that help destinations attract hundreds to thousands of visitors, who often stay longer and spend more than the typical guest. Seeking opportunities to partner with these communities is a smart step towards increasing visitation and awareness.

2 years ago

Millennials A Hard Sell for Hotels Despite All the Wooing

Hey, it isn't all about refurbishing the hotel lobby and placing a touch-screen in there. Millennial guests demand great customer service from staff, and they will quickly sour on a hotel if the staff isn't up to par.

2 years ago

Visit Philly Touts Tourism’s $10 Billion Economic Impact in Annual Report

We've written many times about Philadelphia's industry-leading efforts and overall destination savvy. Even if these numbers seem, well, ambitious, we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

2 years ago

Tourist-Caused Inflation In Brazil to Jump Up During July World Cup

There are many long-term benefits including improved infrastructure, increased tourism and a better global image, but right now Brazil is dealing with some of the hardest problems that come along with hosting a global anticipated event.

3 years ago