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Travel Industry Earnings Coverage

Don’t miss out on Skift’s in-depth coverage of earnings reported by public travel companies, including online travel agencies, hotel brands, airlines, and technology companies. Our earnings stories cut through the numbers to explain what’s really happening at companies and within the industry as a whole.

Online Travel shares fall with predictions for an underwhelming third-quarter

Although's profits and revenue rose in Q2, the company expects to take a hit on European bookings impacted by the recession and increased competition with Expedia for U.S. business.


Disney’s earnings report is impressive but the market is unimpressed

Movies weren't as impressive as analysts wanted them to be, but the Mouse House's park and cruise ship revenues were very strong.


InterContinental to pay half billion dollar dividend and half billion share buyback, too

The move by IHG to shed real estate assets and focus entirely on management contracts has some upsides, but holding on to landmark properties has its benefits, too -- which is why smart people are eager to snap them up.


Sure, British Airways didn’t have the best quarter ever, but it’s got €4 billion stacked away

It's not exactly Apple money, but IAG's billions will help see it through the tough patches, even if the euro loses a bit of steam.


Zipcar disappoints with quarterly results, stock plunges lowest level yet

Zipcar's numbers were hurt by a slow down in new members, but the growing competition from peer-to-peer car sharing programs is undoubtedly a concern.


Virgin Atlantic slips into the red for only the third time in its 28-year history

Losses are never much fun, but Virgin is seeing an uptick in flyers, and this year it gets some new planes that are more efficient and will help cut fuel costs.


Revenue and passengers up at Lufthansa, but earnings down

The carrier has done an admirable job balancing between legacy line and forward-thinking upstart (via its holdings in JetBlue and others), but the next few years should demonstrate if this hybrid mix will work.

Online Travel

Yelp revenues up 67%, with distribution on mobile and with partners being the key to growth

Now that it is in saturation mode in major U.S. markets, the key to growth is mid-market destinations and abroad, as well as better integration and distribution on mobile platforms.


Norwegian Cruise Line overcomes cruising setbacks this summer to turn a profit

The mix of a poor economy, the fallout from the Costa Concordia crash, and higher fuel prices resulted in tough summer for cruise lines, but creative operating improvements and higher fees helped Norwegian Cruise Lines turn a profit in Q2.


European airline earnings: Air France surges while Ryanair dips

The turmoil in European air space continues, and despite all cost cuttings, expect lots more consolidation to come in. Watch any combo of Qatar/Emirates/Etihad/Turkish to be big players.