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Dreamliner Engines Have Cracks So ANA Seeks Rolls Royce Compensation

ANA, the largest operator of 787 Dreamliners in the world, found cracks in its Rolls Royce engines and consequently had to cancel 18 flights in August. Some form of compensation from Rolls Royce would seem to be a no-brainer.

2 months ago

The Dreamliner Treats All Passengers Equally When It Comes to Healthy Flying

It's not quite a level playing field for everyone, but a focus on the flying environment improves the passenger experience for everyone.

5 months ago

Boeing’s Newest Plane Comes Without the Dreamliner Drama

While the aircraft itself isn't particularly innovative, the single-aisle 737 family is Boeing’s largest source of profit and most reliable aircraft.

11 months ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Sky’s The Limit With Airlines’ Storytelling Techniques

Airlines are becoming more playful as they experiment with ways to deliver a sense of their brand.

12 months ago

Norwegian Air Spends $5 Billion on 38 New Dreamliners

The Dreamliner's effect on aviation will take years to fully understand, but in non-technical terms: It's a biggie.

1 year ago

American Airlines Faces Boeing Fines Over Delayed Dreamliner Seats

Boeing has its own production schedule to meet and American’s issues with seat-manufacturer Zodiac are not really Boeing’s problem.

1 year ago

American Air Says It Is Cancelling Orders From Lie-Flat Seat Maker

Airlines have enough problems improving the passenger experience without having to put up with delays for a manufacturer of lie-flat seats. That's why American Airlines canceled future orders from seat-maker Zodiac Aerospace in France.

1 year ago

Qantas’ Dreamliner Plans Mark the Beginning of ‘New Era’

Despite its historic hitches, the Dreamliner has plenty for airlines and passengers to like. Its manageable size is a distinct advantage.

1 year ago

KLM Gives Its Dreamliner Interiors a Dose of Dutch Design

An emphasis on understated style allows for smart fares that will make these cabins really attractive to passengers in Northern Europe (and beyond).

1 year ago

British Airways’ Leads With Passenger Experience in New Dreamliner First Class

With the secrecy surrounding this new First cabin, and British Airways' history of fast-forward design, we expect to be wowed when it finally leaves the hangar in September.

1 year ago

American Airlines Has High Hopes for Its New Dreamliner Jets

Now that it's working free of battery issues, the Dreamliner is the plane that makes long-haul flights cheaper to fly and more enjoyable for passengers.

1 year ago

United Drops Loyalty to Dreamliner in Favor of Older 777 Jets

Although Dreamliner was heralded as the largest innovation in air travel of its time, United’s swap to 777 serves both the airline and the plane maker. It will be interesting to see whether others follow United’s lead.

2 years ago