Airlines Are to Blame for Most U.S. Flight Delays, Not the Weather

Interesting that Delta is so far away from the other carriers, both in terms of performance and where it places the blame.

More Americans Sat on Tarmacs Waiting This February, Thanks to Weather

Alaska Air's numbers have its multiple Hawaii and southern California routes to thank for it's leading on-time ranking.

30-Minute Flight Takes Nine Hours Thanks to Dallas Ice

What's interesting is if American's maneuvering with the nine-hour flight means it won't have to pay penalties for tarmac delays.

U.S. Airport Tarmac Delays Were at Their Lowest Point on Record Last Year

Some of the flights that would have been delayed were simply cancelled, but by and large the threats of fines for delays has radically improved the passenger experience.

Epic Tarmac Delays Are Not a Thing of the Past Everywhere

Passengers don't love cancelled flights, but the love being stuck on a tarmac for multiple hours even less.

U.S. Airlines Were Less Reliable This August Than Last August

In all fairness, Hawaiian should be removed from the competitive set. They ruin the curve.

Atlanta Airport Officials Mull Domestic Terminal Hotel After Winter Delays

The past few winters have proven that a hotel directly connected to Atlanta's domestic terminal would fill up fast when widespread delays begin to impact the world's busiest hub.

The Number of Delayed and Lost Bags Reaches Ten-Year Low in 2013

The rate of delayed and lost luggage is dropping as passenger numbers rise, but it's necessary to remember that those passengers may also be checking fewer bags due to an increase in fees over the past decade.

Nearly a Quarter of All U.S. Domestic Flights Were Late in 2013

Fewer flights arrived on-time in 2013 than 2012, but a recent report by the DOT inspector general suggests that the statistic is not an accurate reflection of reality due to how the data is reported and organized.

2,000 Flyers Riot in Chinese Airport After 5-Hour Long Shutdown

Air travel demand is growing faster than the airlines can accommodate due to the military's control of the skies. Commercial airlines will need more air space or fewer flights and better customer service to avoid future outbursts.