Starwood Now Manages a Cuban hotel, but Not Everything is Perfect Yet

There's little question better hotels will open in Cuba. The only issue is how soon.

Cuba Is Importing Workers to Help It Build Hotels Faster

As demands of tourism development increase, expect to see broader changes to the labor market in Cuba.

U.S. Tourists in Cuba Nearly Double in First Half of 2016

... and the real tidal wave of tourism hasn't even started yet.

8 U.S. Airlines Given Tentative Approval to Start Havana Flights

Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United are revving their engines. Next stop, Cuba.

Cuba Tourism Takes Cost-Cutting Measures as Government Orders Energy-Consumption Trims

Cuba clearly isn't ready for prime time when it comes to tourism and infrastructure problems there will likely get worse as the tourists pour in.

Young Cuban-Americans Are Eager to Return to Cuba as a Different Kind of Tourist

We've yet to meet a third-generation Cuban-American who isn't fascinated by the idea of going to Cuba.

Starwood Begins Managing Its First Hotel in Havana, Cuba

While we think Starwood is a leader in guest experience in so many ways, you don't have to raise the bar too high to improve on a hotel run by the military.

How Tiny Silver Airways Plans to Win in Cuba and Beyond

If you live in Florida, Silver Airways wants to be your-go to carrier for Cuba. Its plan may just work.

Cuba’s Hoping Better U.S. Relations Lead to More Foreign Investment

As long as the U.S. trade embargo remains in place, tourism and economic development will be stymied. And then there are the issues of the Cuban government itself when it comes to doing business on the island.

With Approval in Hand, U.S. Airlines Plan Their Entrances to Cuba

Many U.S. travelers are anxiously waiting for the day when a trip to Cuba feels effortless and streamlined. U.S. airlines and Cuban airports will face aviation challenges during the next year that we haven't seen in a long time.