Cubans and Tourists Alike Complaining About Beach Litter

Just as Iceland is coming to grips with overtourism, as we call it, Cuba had better get ready because an upsurge in tourism is at its very early stages there. It's almost inexplicable that the government has eased up on anti-litter enforcement at the country's otherwise beautiful beaches.

Cuba Has The Potential To Be a Luxury Travel Destination, Some Day

We had drinks at the Inglaterra on our recent trip to Cuba, and while the property is spectacular in terms of the historic glamor, it's going to be a long time before Cuba's infrastructure and service standards will support luxury tourism.

Cuba Picks a French Firm to Operate Havana’s Expanding Airport

Havana's Jose Marti International Airport is not prepared for a rush of American tourists, so makes sense the government is hiring two experienced French companies to renovate and operate it.

The Only Thing to Stop Cuba’s Tourism Growth Is Its Accommodations Crunch

No combination of cruise ships, Airbnb rentals, state-run hotels, or nuns' quarters will be enough to replace smart tourism development, which Cuba may not yet be capable of carrying out.

You Can Soon Fly to Cuba – but Only After Satisfying All the Rules

Savvy travelers know they can't just board a plane and fly to Cuba. But do casual tourists? They may not know all that is required, which could cause problems for airlines.

Starwood Now Manages a Cuban hotel, but Not Everything is Perfect Yet

There's little question better hotels will open in Cuba. The only issue is how soon.

Cuba Is Importing Workers to Help It Build Hotels Faster

As demands of tourism development increase, expect to see broader changes to the labor market in Cuba.

U.S. Tourists in Cuba Nearly Double in First Half of 2016

... and the real tidal wave of tourism hasn't even started yet.

8 U.S. Airlines Given Tentative Approval to Start Havana Flights

Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United are revving their engines. Next stop, Cuba.

Cuba Tourism Takes Cost-Cutting Measures as Government Orders Energy-Consumption Trims

Cuba clearly isn't ready for prime time when it comes to tourism and infrastructure problems there will likely get worse as the tourists pour in.