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Cuba Cracking Down on Growth of Private Restaurants and Bars in Havana

Given the fact that there's already a dearth of facilities like hotels, let alone private bars and restaurants to accommodate tourists, this idea doesn't seem like a very good one. And having dined at a paladar (privately owned restaurant) and state-owned restaurants in Cuba during a recent trip, we can tell you the difference between the two ventures can be vast.

6 days ago

U.S. Eliminates Limits on Cuban Cigars and Rum that Tourists Can Bring Back

Who would have thought that one of the leading edges of a potential end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba would come in the form of Cuban cigars and rum. Talking about pent-up demand, these qualify.

1 week ago

JetBlue and Alaska Fight Over Rights to Fly to Havana

JetBlue is surprisingly feisty in this filing, considering airlines ask for and receive extensions all the time. But Alaska is a major competitor of JetBlue's, so maybe that explains it.

3 weeks ago

Flights to Cuba Still Missing From U.S. Booking Sites’ Travel Options

The writer is wrong to posit that the lack of airline commissions is a factor holding back online travel agencies from offering flights to Cuba. Expedia, Priceline, Google and TripAdvisor would love to be in the forefront of bringing Cuban travel to Americans for the first time in five decades but the online travel agencies must first deal the legal and regulatory complexities.

1 month ago

Cuba’s Tourism Boom Doesn’t Extend Far Past Havana

The Cuba government also needs to do much more to make travel between cities easier and make visits to destinations much, much less bureaucratic.

1 month ago

Fathom Adds More Cuba Sailings, Cuts Back on Dominican Republic

The concept of a cruise to Cuba — even one without typical beach-day shore excursions — is easier to communicate than a social impact trip to the Dominican Republic. Even though voluntourism was the original goal of Fathom, we're not surprised that the cruise line is making the business decision to cater to the highest demand.

1 month ago

Cuba’s Tourism Thaw With the U.S. Has Been Great News for Its Military

One could easily argue that nothing is hindering progress more in Cuba than its government and its military's lack of skill and experience to do even the simplest things well. It is not competent enough to run a simple tour bus or tiny restaurant, let alone a UNESCO site.

1 month ago

Skift Global Forum Preview: Carnival CEO on Bringing American Business to Cuba

As Carnival's experience shows, doing business in Cuba as an American company is complicated — especially in these early days while relations are normalizing but the embargo remains in place. Travel companies catering to U.S. citizens need to be flexible, detail-focused, and patient.

2 months ago

Cuba’s Hotel Challenges: A Guide to All the Projects in Process

Although Cuba won't say it, the country is ill-prepared for the influx of new visitors and the necessary development.

2 months ago

Cuba Sees U.S. Flights as Opportunity to Boost Tourism in Lesser Known Cities

Anyone who's been to Cuba in the past year has seen that many Cubans are eager for more U.S. tourists to visit the country. The flood gates have already opened and small cities, mostly unknown to foreigners, will struggle from lack of tourism infrastructure and understanding of U.S. travelers' expectations.

2 months ago

What Commercial Flights Between the U.S. and Cuba Mean to Frequent Flyers

Sure, other tourists have been coming to Cuba for decades. But even two years into the present detente, the significance of improved U.S.-Cuba relations should not be understated.

2 months ago

First Commercial Flight Between U.S. and Cuba in Half a Century to Fly Today

It's great to see the flight headed to a city outside of Havana as the secret to Cuba's success in the coming year or two will be getting visitors out of the major cities.

2 months ago