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Climate Change Hits Chile’s Winter Ski Resorts

That lack of consistency from one season to another is a greater threat to the mountain resort industry than anything.

1 year ago

The 12-Room Hotel That Turned a Barren Archipelago Into Chile’s Next Big Thing

Hotels have the power to set the tone in new destinations, whether it's the high-end approach like her or Fogo Island Inn, or go big and go mass approach favored by countries like Mexico.

1 year ago

Tourism Economy Thrives Around Erupting Chilean Volcano

The Villarrica volcano is one of the main attractions of Pucon, but the town supports many other tourist activities that won't be significantly impacted by the eruption.

2 years ago

Santiago’s Cultural Rebirth Leads the Way for Tourism Growth

Santiago is often overlooked when Latin America's treasures are discussed, but the evolution of a city undergoing real transformation is worth taking a look.

2 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Welcome to the Era of GoPro Marketing

3 years ago

The Battle Over Airlines in Argentina Isn’t Just About Planes

A state-owned airline can work, it just doesn't when its service is terrible and its leadership is a gaggle of political cronies.

3 years ago

Chileans may be able to visit U.S. without visa starting in 2014

No agreement has been confirmed by either side, but visa-free travel between the two countries could spark similar deals through the region.

3 years ago

The search is on for three European tourists lost on a Chilean volcano

It’s curious that the three solo hikers would be left alone on the popular trek as there are dozens of operators on the volcano every day. Perhaps a new standard for independent hikers is in order.

4 years ago