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The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

2 months ago

San Francisco to Require Lyft, Uber Drivers to Obtain Business Licenses

The City of San Francisco is poised to collect almost $3.4 million annually with this new legislation.

6 months ago

London Taxi Union Sparks Legal Battle Against Uber Drivers

Uber's rapid growth worldwide highlights how technology is changing the taxi and car service industry, which now needs to recognize the change and start adjusting its own business model rather than fight against new ones.

2 years ago

Zipcar Starts its New One-Way Service in Boston

Boston gets to try the new Zipcar one-way service. It will be interesting to see what the fees will be given the fact that there will be no charge for gas or parking.

2 years ago

St. Louis Cracks Down on Lyft Its First Day of Operating

St. Louis isn't dithering. One thing a crackdown makes clear? That everyone's on the same page. Makes for faster resolution.

3 years ago

Taxi Apps Aren’t New In Asia, and That Could Be Trouble for Latecomer Uber

Foreign expansion -- especially Asia -- is key for Uber. It can't live up to its valuation just based on its U.S. business.

3 years ago

The Big Venture Money and Hopes Riding on Uber, Lyft and Other Car-Sharing Startups

With so much money raised now by Uber and Lyft, is this now a two-horse race? We hope not, lots of innovation left in the car rental and sharing space.

3 years ago

Ride-Sharing Firm Lyft Enters Sacramento and Uber Responds

The taxi industry is going to have to get used to it. There is more competition now in the form of Lyft, Uber, and services such as Zipcar. Although individual startups may come and go, the ride-sharing concept is here to stay.

3 years ago

Avis Budget Wants an Even Younger Fleet at Zipcar

The next step in Zipcar-Avis Budget buddying-up is technology sharing, with Avis Budget cars expected to get a Zipcar refresh. At least that's the plan.

3 years ago

Car-Share Programs Like Zipcar Saved Chicago Millions of Dollars, City Says

With efficiencies like the ones seen in Chicago, car-share programs will find a niche in governmental fleets.

3 years ago

Enterprise acquires Zimride and accelerates car-sharing offerings

If you are a major car-rental company, you have to be into car-sharing these days. Enterprise's acquisition of Zimride doesn't involve any vehicle assets, but Enterprise has previously bought car-sharing operations and vehicles.

3 years ago

Hollywood actors ditch restaurant jobs and embrace ride-sharing for cash

Ride-sharing is becoming an attractive employment and transportation alternative as long as there is some regulation, and the ride-sharing companies don't gouge riders. On the other hand, they won't succeed if they become to pricey.

3 years ago