New Skift Data Deck: The Forces Shaping Business Travel

The Forces Shaping Business Travel Data Deck paints a picture of the business travel landscape and the trends impacting the business traveler of the future through a curation of charts, stats, and data. Download this data deck for free!

New Study Looks into the British Traveler’s Path To Purchase

Why would a traveler research hotels and flights to Hong Kong, but end up booking a trip to New York City? How much time does a traveler spend researching before deciding on a destination or booking a trip? Where do travelers seek inspiration?

The Rise of the Last-Minute Booker

Last minute bookings are becoming more-and-more prominent for US travelers. Download Sojern’s 2015 Hotel Insights Report to learn more about how this trend is affecting the travel industry.

Why Booking Needs to Be Made Easier for Emerging-Market Travelers

Gone are the days when travel brands could rely on English as the lingua franca of independent travelers. As more consumers worldwide embrace digital tools to plan and book trips abroad, brands must offer multiple language options along each stage of the process, or lose ground to OTAs.

Why the Modern Travel Agency Needs to Charge Fees

Maybe it bodes well for travel agents that travelers are getting used to paying additional fees for better service in the air and at hotels, since fees have been a reality when booking with an agent for a long time.

TripAdvisor Takes New Steps Toward Offering the Ultimate Travel Guide App

The challenge for TripAdvisor is whether it will win by being an all-encompassing app or whether it is better to be more focused like Expedia's or HotelTonight's apps. In phasing out its City Guides app, TripAdvisor is putting itself in the comprehensive camp.

Two Free Skift Reports: Traveler Psychology and Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here are the first two reports from our quarterly series, The Habits of Travel Bookers, where Skift and Boxever uncover the driving factors behind travel purchasing behavior. Download both reports for FREE!

Slack Is the Emerging Platform for Early Adopter Group Travel Services

Slack is becoming the messaging app of choice for modern work teams, and these nascent travel services are just the start. Expect more established business travel related services and new Slack-native services to crop up in coming months.

The Era of Personalized Air Travel is Dawning, Thanks to Data

Smart booking and passenger management systems are evolving at a rapid pace, so we should expect big improvements in the passenger experience.

Free Skift Report: What Travel Brands Can Learn from Behavioral Economics

In the digital age of limitless choices, consumer decision making has become even more difficult. Behavioral economics, the study of how and why we make choices, can teach travel marketers new ways to understand travel bookers and new tactics to guide them towards making purchasing decisions. Download this report for FREE!