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Booking.com CEO: Direct and Third-Party Bookings Can Peacefully Co-Exist

OTAs have had it their own way for a long time but the boss of Booking.com seemed relaxed about the future. Different customers will continue to require different ways to book a room.

6 hours ago

Priceline Group CEO Sees Changing Consumer Search Behavior on Alternative Accommodations

Metasearch sites such as Kayak, Hipmunk, Trivago, TripAdvisor and Tripping have a lot of heavy lifting to do because consumers will increasingly be demanding better ways to comparison-shop for alternative accommodations that are often unique and difficult to define. All things being equal -- and they aren't -- that's a big market opportunity for these sites.

2 months ago

Priceline CEO to Hotels: We Can Offer Discounted Rates, Too

Priceline Group Interim CEO Jeffery Boyd is too much of a gentleman and a professional to get into a public shouting match with his hotel-chain partners. Still, behind the scenes, he doesn't intend to sit back and let hotel chains withhold their lowest rates without taking retaliatory steps.

2 months ago

CEO Interview: Mobile Booking, Digital Marketing and the New Way to Sell Hostels

Like many successful companies, Hostelworld resolves to win by maintaining its focus on what it does best: Selling hostels. Its big challenge is to generate more awareness about the modern and socially oriented hostel while larger players like Airbnb and Booking.com suck the air out of Google.

3 months ago

TripAdvisor Is a Smart Acquisition for Someone Right Now

Buying TripAdvisor would be a very large -- albeit relatively cheap -- acquisition given its current stock price. One very significant impediment, especially for Priceline, is the fact that Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, which has historic ties to Barry Diller's Expedia, controls TripAdvisor. Still, for the right price, Liberty would have to consider a sale of its prized asset as TripAdvisor goes through a very challenging and prolonged transition.

3 months ago

Priceline.com CEO Departs Part Way Through Turnaround Plan

Brett Keller, Priceline.com's new interim CEO, knows his way around headquarters, having worked there for 17 years. He takes over at a critical time for the Priceline.com brand, although Booking.com is by far the Priceline Group's most important cog.

4 months ago

Oral History of Online Travel: Booking.com Succeeds Despite Doing It ‘Wrong’

Booking.com rode the agency model, which is attractive for its lack of complexity in forging online travel agency-hotel relationships and consumer-friendliness, into the growth engine of a $68 billion business. Its executives did so by ignoring the trendiness of the crowds and sticking to their own beliefs and vision.

4 months ago

Booking.com Gets a Nearly $400 Million Tax Bill From France

European tax authorities, in this case from France and Italy, continue to go after online travel agencies like Booking.com for back taxes. Booking.com is such a large company that a $400 million bill, if it actually must be paid, won't cause the company to sweat excessively.

4 months ago

The Never-Before-Disclosed Details About the Birth of Online Travel

We're not giving away all the good stuff. You still need to read the entire thing.

4 months ago

Launching Skift’s Biggest Project Yet: The Definitive Oral History of Online Travel

Two decades after the birth of online travel, more than two dozen founders and key players exclusively tell Skift how it all happened. This is a story of a history that changed the future of travel forever. Dig in, this will take a while.

4 months ago

Priceline Populates Over Half of TripAdvisor’s Top Hotel Search Results on Instant Booking

TripAdvisor's new booking product leans heavily on Priceline's Booking.com — more so than TripAdvisor would probably like.

4 months ago

Priceline Writes Down Nearly All of Its $60 Million Hotel Urbano Investment

It is rare to see a company such as the Priceline Group take an impairment charge so quickly after investing. Even Priceline, in the short-term, at least, can get things wrong. Hotel Urbano needs more cash as the Brazilian economy and political system exhibited further stress, and the Zika virus took hold.

5 months ago