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How Cricket Fields and a Visit Helped Tampa Tourism Secure Bollywood Oscars

It wasn't a mere trip to Macau to pitch Tampa Bay that enabled Visit Tampa Bay to win the right to host the 2014 Bollywood Oscars. Tourism officials really did their utmost to learn the culture, and building some cricket fields did a lot to win goodwill.

2 years ago

VisitBritain Builds Bollywood App For Indian Visitors, For Navigating British Film Spots

Destinations are getting more sophisticated in their marketing and engagement techniques. Giving potential visitors a tool rather than a static video or ad raises awareness and excitement for the destination.

3 years ago

Visit Tampa Bay Outlines 6 Tips for Welcoming Indian Visitors

Tourism-oriented businesses around the U.S. and the world are learning about foreign cultures in an attempt to welcome and attract travelers from growing economies like India and China.

3 years ago

Bollywood Oscars pick Tampa as first U.S. city to host awards weekend

Tampa is not only looking forward to the visitor bump it’ll receive during the awards weekend, but recognition within the film community and hopes of becoming popular with filmmakers and producers.

3 years ago

Foreign tourism boards clamor to be the next big Bollywood star

Visa regulations and costs are a top priority for Indian filmmakers when electing where to work abroad, which gives destinations a large incentive to ease visa rules in exchange for the tourism boom.

4 years ago

Bollywood blockbuster transforms Ireland into a hot destination for Middle Eastern tourists

Bollywood films don't get the attention of a, say, J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation, but they do more than any other genre of movie to boost destination tourism due to their massive audience base.

4 years ago

Bollywood film buffs fill up Virgin Atlantic’s new flights from London to India

This works both ways with Indians traveling to view their favorite sets in the UK as well and exemplifying how a cultural exchange can be more influential than forced marketing.

4 years ago

South Africa befriends Bollywood in hopes of getting more screen time

Cape Town has realized you don't need a catchy slogan or expensive tourism campaign to boost tourism, instead star in a film -- a method that destinations from Italy to New Zealand to Morocco have proven will work.

4 years ago