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The Next Three Olympics Are Headed to Korea, Japan, and China

No Olympic Games is ever without its troubles or controversies, and hosting the Games is never cheap. Given what's happened in Rio, however, it's clear that Olympic organizers are realizing they need to be much smarter about which cities they pick to play host: While it's an incredible honor and source of pride for the countries picked, it can also be a tremendous financial and logistical burden, too.

2 months ago

American and Delta Are Squabbling Over a New Los Angeles-Beijing Flight

It's only one route, but both American and Delta are trying to do all they can to win the right to fly between Los Angeles and Beijing. Both airlines feel the route is vital to their trans-Pacific ambitions.

5 months ago

Universal Studios Coming to Beijing to Build a New Theme Park

Universal's success in Orlando has given the company the lessons it needs to compete with Disney on a global scale.

1 year ago

How Uber Keeps Working in China Despite Ban on Hailing Apps

With less than 1% of the Chinese market Uber has room to grow. But when it's up against two competitors that have 99% of the market between them, that's tough row to hoe.

2 years ago

Beijing Is Building a $14 Billion Airport to Meet Air Travel Demand

Passenger volume at China's airports has almost doubled in five years and growth shows no signs of slowing. Beijing will likely need the second facility long before the project is completed.

2 years ago

Hawaiian Airlines Begins Honolulu to Beijing Service

Hawaiian is rethinking its Asia strategy as it launches new routes to China while cutting some to Korea and Japan.

3 years ago

Hazardous Smog Is One of the Biggest Challenges to Beijing’s Tourism Growth

The implication of Beijing's dangerous pollution problem expand far beyond tourism, but it is one of the sectors that will be increasingly impacted until the government handles the smog.

3 years ago

China’s Airbnb Is Teaching a Booming Ruling Class What ‘Sharing’ Is All About

A sharing site that pays hotel taxes? Whaaaaat?

3 years ago

Beijing Airport Considers New Rules to Accommodate Taxi-Booking Apps

Balancing the rise of taxi-booking apps and traditional ground transits options is a challenge for airports worldwide. The solution involves a combination of both.

3 years ago

Beijing Is Losing Inbound Tourist From Other Parts of Asia

A combination of poor air quality in Beijing, and a bad attitude abroad isn't the best tourism marketing strategy.

3 years ago

Beijing Residents Told to Stay Inside Due to Extreme Air Pollution

It's tough to plan a trip around pollution levels and Beijing's unbearable smog is making it an unreliable destination to plan a vacation to.

3 years ago

Dubai and Beijing Eye Atlanta’s Title for World’s Busiest Airport

It's understood that the future of airports is not in the U.S. Whether it is Dubai or Beijing is only a matter of time.

3 years ago