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Oral History of Online Travel: Barry Diller’s Deals Built A Travel Empire

Barry Diller, the senior executive at both IAC and Expedia, doesn't need any more plaques on his mansions' walls but he is one of the people who had oversized influence in making online travel what it is today. He had a great eye for how e-commerce would emerge and he pulled the trigger on his great acquisitions.

5 months ago

Barry Diller on Expedia Buying HomeAway: ‘Smartest Thing Is to Disrupt’

If you have a company with multiple product lines and consumer strategies, you want a chairman like Barry Diller to have your back.

12 months ago

Was Barry Diller uncomfortable with giving up control of Expedia?

Every billionaire needs an online travel agency trophy, but beyond that Barry Diller likely feels that he still has a lot of work to do at Expedia.

4 years ago

The real winner in the TripAdvisor stake sale is — surprise, surprise — Barry Diller

The Liberty Media-Barry Diller deal for control of TripAdvisor is all about profits and taxes, and not about a change in strategic direction for the hotel-review site.

4 years ago