Is Swimming With Humpback Whales Sketchy or Sustainable Tourism?

Swimming with humpback whales as a tourism pursuit is spreading to Ningaloo Reef in western Australia. We're all for experiential travel -- and this takes it to new heights, or depths, depending on your perspective.

Skift CMO Interviews: Tourism Australia Bet on Food and Wine and Won

Tourism Australia has shown the power of food tourism to drive higher visitation, but much of that is due to the country's forward-thinking content platforms.

Australian Officials Don’t Want Tourists to Know Great Barrier Reef Is at Risk

We are pretty certain that denying there is a problem is the worst way to make visitors happy about your destination.

Tourists and Foreign Real Estate Buyers Enjoy Australian Deals

We're not sure the real estate angle is the best, but the short-term benefits of lower costs for tourists will likely be a draw this season.

Latest Threat to Great Barrier Reef UNESCO Site Is Nature, Not Man

Australia's most sensitive tourist attraction has been under threat by energy companies and terrible politics the last few years. Now it's Mother Nature's turn.

Tourism Australia Introduces Chris Hemsworth as Its New Crocodile Dundee

Tonight's big reveal of Tourism Australia's new video marketing drive suggests that the bureau is losing focus of what makes the country special, devolving instead into a Bloomingdale's summer catalog.

CES 2016 Review, GoPro Events and More in Skift MeetingsIQ

The 2016 meetings scene is all about making technology more seamless, user friendly and valuable for a broader spectrum of conference planners and attendees.

5 Destinations Selling Diverse Experiences in Best Travel Ads This Week

These destinations are getting right to it: They offer a world to discover.

Australia Tourism Turns to User-Generated GoPro Films for New Year’s Eve Bash

This Tourism Australia project is a mashup of next-gen destination video marketing using GoPros, projection mapping, user-generated content, and social media influencers — and it didn't cost a lot to produce.

Tourism Australia Uses Food to Drive Luxury Travel Spending

The success of Tourism Australia's culinary promotion and luxury branding is based on how the stakeholders are all aligning around the message, as much or more so than the actual travel product itself.