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Articles tagged “arts & culture”

Business Travel

Tips and resources for conducting business overseas

Researching the business culture of a country when dealing with new businesses is the best way to make a good impression, but it's all for naught if an expired passport doesn't get you past security.

Media and PR

Little Passports sends kids a global travel experience through packages and online games

The company, which just launched the USA Edition for more in-depth look at the states, has perfected their long-term business model, which can deliver country-specific content for years to come.


Boris Johnson’s culture report numerically compares cultures of 12 global cities

Is it possible to capture the culture of a city by counting how many museums, bookshops, and comedy clubs it has? Perhaps culture is under-researched because it is something that is better felt than counted.


Does anyone care if hotels invest millions in high-end art?

Bragging rights, for now, but as the world becomes more design obsessed, art becomes a differentiating factor for the high end hotel customer.

Online Travel

Street art meets check-ins on BigArtMob’s forthcoming app

Capturing points of interest on a smartphone is so basic, intuitive, and simple that it's a constant wonder that guidebook companies and local listings operations don't rely on them entirely for gathering data about the world.


10 hotels with impressive art collections

Hotels looking to differentiate themselves from one another this time are turning to hallways and rooms lined with both brand-name art and works by locals; often you can buy the artwork right off the wall.


The 10 very best hotel art collections

Departure's otherwise impressive list leaves off southern France's La Colombe d'Or and its collection of Picasso, Leger, Modigliani, Chagall, Braque, Calder, and other works.