Two Years Later Uber and Concur Expand Corporate Travel Integration

Anyone doubting the complexities of corporate travel should know that it took two years for Uber and Concur to get to this stage.

Apple Partnership Shows Lyft’s Growth in Corporate Travel

This news from Apple illustrates the strides Lyft has made to appeal to the corporate travel space.

5 Facts Behind Apple’s $1 Billion Ride-Sharing Investment

Didi is dominating China in a way that Uber would love to dominate any market. It's the one ride-sharing company that's going beyond points A and B to a larger suite of services.

Apple Invests $1 Billion in Uber’s Asian Rival Didi

Uber has been such an innovator in this space that it must be seen as a slap in the face, especially from the manufacturer of the phone it hands out to all drivers. But this is a fight with huge ramifications, not small slights.

Everybody Wants to Own Nokia’s Mapping Technology

The future of discovery is entirely mobile, and right now Google is the undisputed champion.

Future of Local Discovery is in the Car’s Dashboard

Connected cars with navigation systems to select the best routes and travel apps to pick nearby hotels and restaurants are already here. The auto manufacturers want to fend off Google and Apple as connected cars become the next frontier of disruption.

Apple Trying to Improve Maps Product With Global Data Collection Project

We get that this is an essential service for mobile users, but Apple has shown neither the commitment nor the talent devoted to its Maps product to actually win.

Apple Made More in the Last Quarter Than All the World’s Airlines Together Will Make All Year

It's hard to imagine other industries, as critical as aviation to our global economies and our modern lifestyles, surviving on these margins.

Apple Buys Augmented Reality Company Behind Tours App

Apple is playing constant catch up with local discovery, but it has yet to put any acquisitions like this one into the hands of users.

New Trends Report: The Future of Wearables in Travel

Hotels, airlines and others in the travel and hospitality industry are in a fierce bid for a piece of the $644.9 billion global leisure travel pie know they must reach consumers at every step of the look-to-book process and the journey beyond.